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Recycling - what's the point if this happens?

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MagicSummer · 15/10/2020 08:55

I always make sure that used batteries are stored separately in the pink plastic bag which we are given to put out with the recycling. Yesterday, I put the full bag on top of the recycling bin for collection today. What did the binman do? Opened the bag and tipped them into the ordinary recycling bin!!! Makes you wonder why you bother.

OP posts:
Blobby10 · 15/10/2020 09:08

Yup - I rinse out tins, jars, plastic pots etc but know many people who don't. Does that mean I'm wasting my time or they are consigning a bunch of recyclable stuff to landfill?

During early lockdown I had to unlock the big bins to be emptied - lovely man said "I may as well take the recycling as well and save a trip back tomorrow" so put both bins (carefully separated waste by us!) into the same lorry. Apparently it was all going to the same place anyway at that point Angry

ExclamationPerfume · 15/10/2020 09:09

The recycling is sorted on a conveyer belt usually. So the batteries would be picked out.

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