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Is this usual when making an offer on a house?

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Stressedspaniel · 14/10/2020 15:27

This seems a bit strange to me, but I haven’t bought a house before.

We looked at a property yesterday evening and phoned up at 9.30am this morning to make an offer. We offered £10,000 below the asking price. The estate agent said that the couple who viewed afterwards had already phoned and offered the asking price - but he would put our offer forward too.

We are chain free with a DIP and a big deposit. At 1pm, after discussing it, we phoned and offered the asking price. I passed the message on as he wasn’t in the office.

They called back at 3pm and said they were sorry but the cut off time for making offers was 12pm , so the other offer had already been accepted. Nothing was said about a “cut off time” last night or this morning, which is what seems a bit strange to me.

The estate agent seemed to know the couple who came after us, from the way he greeted them. Another agent from the same agency was on the phone this afternoon, to talk to us about another house they have on the same estate that we had to previously enquired about - it is similar but not as nice as the one we offered on.

DH thinks there is something a bit strange about it, is there?!

OP posts:
Purplewithred · 14/10/2020 15:34

not especially - the other couple got in first with the same offer as you. But I'd be irritated if there was a deadline for final offers and I hadn't been told about it. Also I believe an estate agent is obliged to pass on all offers to clients - although if the client had said they wouldn't entertain any more offers at all then maybe not. Property is moving fast at the moment, maybe you were just pipped at the post.

Stressedspaniel · 14/10/2020 15:37

Yes, fair enough @Purplewithred. I just thought it was strange that he never mentioned the cut off date and time when we saw him last night. He even asked DH to get back in touch if he wanted to see inside the garage, as the tenants hadn’t left the keys!

OP posts:
Comefromaway · 14/10/2020 15:38

The estate agent may have knows the other couple of they have viewed other properties with them.

The vendor may have preferred to just go with the other offer. They didn't know you were going to come higher.

mocktail · 14/10/2020 15:39

Similar happened to us a few years ago. I guess they accepted the other offer and are sticking to their word. Frustrating for you but actually quite decent behaviour.

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