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Anyone been to the sainsburys toy sale this morning?

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Family1st2020 · 14/10/2020 10:37

Is it worth going for a nose?
I've pretty much done Xmas but have ds 1st birthday in jan so would get some bits if seen. It's hard as he has dds hand me downs so it's difficult

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LadyofMisrule · 14/10/2020 13:44

Not if you are after the Harry Potter Lego Knight Bus - just sold out. (I'm looking online, not in real life)

Family1st2020 · 14/10/2020 16:07

Dsd has all the HP lego already.
More for 1 Yr old baby

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ivfbeenbusy · 14/10/2020 16:19

I popped in at 730am - shopping for a 4 year old DD. I did get everything for her xmas - I didn't go with a list in mind though and think that's better as that way you won't be stressed/disappointed but randomly they did have the one thing she has requested this year so very pleased with that!
I tend to buy a few things and keep some back for her birthday

They had

Barbie - campervans, horse set, mini house set
A Barbie equivalent range of box sets
My little pony sets or a version of it
Baby Annabelle
Disney toddler doll sets that come with a doll and horse/reindeer of frozen
Lots of Chad valley baby sets
Loads of Lego - saw loads of people with Harry Potter sets but luckily wasn't after any of that 🤣
One playmobil set - shame wasn't more
Stacking bricks
Craft sets but tended to be for older kids
Peppa pig kitchen
Sainsbury checkout thing
Dinosaur robots

I didn't really see much for very young children though which is probably why I've only ever been this year and last year

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