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Telling people to keep strong?

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MrsKingfisher · 13/10/2020 19:47

It's not a criticism but why do people say this when someone is recently bereaved?

People said this to me when my mum died, I had been strong throughout her illness and strong sitting beside her when she passed.

Surely after the fact being strong isn't something someone has to be? Is it because people struggle to know what to say?

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PurpleDaisies · 13/10/2020 19:49

Is it because people struggle to know what to say?

Yes, people say all sorts of unhelpful and daft things out of awkwardness.

Sorry for your loss. Flowers

Peachypips78 · 13/10/2020 19:53

And there is no such thing as 'strong' or 'weak'. Just terrible things that happen that we somehow manage to pass through because we have no other choice.

Be whatever you need to be and much love to you.

MrsKingfisher · 13/10/2020 19:56

I don't even know what people mean by stay strong Confused does it mean don't cry or get upset? No idea. Mum died 3 years ago, I'm in a much better place now :)

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