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I don't think I can go back to work

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user489012 · 13/10/2020 14:22

I have been in my current role for 10 years, its stressful but I enjoyed it. In Feb I had a operation and hoped to be back in work 8 weeks after.
Eight months later I'm still off sick. I was diagnosed with cancer after my op and have had treatment. I haven't been given the all clear yet as I have some dodgy looking lymph nodes.
My life needs to go back to normal (as much as it can) but I'm just so scared of going back to work. My colleagues don't know the reason I have been off so long, for some reason I can't tell them. I think there is a lot of resentment that they have had to work during the pandemic and I have not. They keep telling me how horrible it is working there at the moment and how they will be leaving as its so bad. This makes me more anxious about returning.
Ive never been on long term sick before, I know I will be on a phased return when I go back. Im just so worried I won't be able to cope 😢

OP posts:
growinggreyer · 13/10/2020 15:16

You have a solid reason for your absence and surely your colleagues will sympathise if you tell them that you have been treated for cancer and still have an ongoing situation that you are coping with. Can you draft a message for your manager to share with everyone before you go back so they are all aware of the situation and won't be asking you inappropriate questions. I have seen this done before and it was helpful to avoid saying something tactless. Flowers

lljkk · 13/10/2020 15:24

So what alternative do you have? What other income could you have?

Orangeblossom7777 · 13/10/2020 16:40

Maybe you could claim PIP and also return part time? Maybe talk to your boss and explain, best of luck, sounds tough Flowers

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