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Why does my i-phone lose pikkies?

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TheSecondMrsAshwell · 11/10/2020 20:00

I bought a Nokia i-phone (runs on Android) and I am having trouble keeping pictures on it. The thing is that I bought it because I needed to take pictures (I am about to start house hunting and need to send photos of any issues I come across to DP who is good at DIY, so he can tell me whether something is easy to fix or I should avoid because it isn't).

The photos go missing from teh gallery. These are photos that have been sent to me and ones I have taken. I thought, at first, that it was pictures that I sent to a friend (a pikkie of him and his DW went missing pretty quickly, as did selfies I sent to him and pikkies of him and his DD in the park). Stuff I've sent to my DP and other friends only exist in Whatsapp messages, they've disappeared from my gallery.

I have downloaded the Google Photos app, but they disappear from there too. I've not deleted the pictures - one was destined to be my "Miss October" profile picture, but has gone Puuuuuffff!!!! before I can use it.

Anyone else had this problem? On the verge of popping the phone back in the box and forgetting about it.

OP posts:
DoctorYang · 12/10/2020 18:08

Sorry, I only have a Nokia e-phone that runs on apples.

PleasantVille · 12/10/2020 19:35


Sorry, I only have a Nokia e-phone that runs on apples.

Mine runs on blackberries Grin
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