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Replacing carpet with laminate..would you?

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PseudoSudocrem · 11/10/2020 08:56

I'm thinking of replacing our carpet with laminate. Really good quality textured laminate (the kind with grooves that looks more like the real thing).

Pros and cons?

Would you?

OP posts:
Skyliner001 · 11/10/2020 17:43

Would only replace carpet with real wood flooring.

redvest · 11/10/2020 19:15

I hate dirty stinky carpets. No matter how much you vacuum and clean, they always feel mucky to me. Laminate all the way

madcatladyforever · 11/10/2020 19:18

I HATE laminate. I have laminate all over my new home and I'm saving for carpet.
There are constantly dust bunnies everywhere, every bit of fluff and cat litter granules show up and last winter it was really cold. I seem to be forever hoovering and mopping and can see a build up of dust under all of the cabinets within a week which I never saw with carpet.
I've currently got the living room covered in assorted rugs in the hope it won't be so cold this winter and can't wait to have saved enough to carpet everywhere.

Parker231 · 11/10/2020 19:35

I wonder if people are finding their laminate or wood flooring cold or noisy because there isn’t the current underlay - you need acoustic and thermal underlay. Makes it quiet and warm.

DoAsYouWouldBeMumBy · 12/10/2020 09:00

I replaced carpets upstairs and downstairs with laminate (also the posh "real" looking kind.) I love it. It's SO easy to keep clean and always looks smart. We have vinyl in the kitchen, which is a pain to clean and tiles in the bathroom, which are beautiful but cold. The laminate isn't cold - maybe that's an underlay thing. We have had it for a few years now, and it looks exactly the same as it did when it was laid.

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