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Is there a current spooky/woo thread?

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lucysmam · 10/10/2020 22:23

& if there is; where will I find it?


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FractionalGains · 10/10/2020 22:26
ILovemyCatsSoSoMuch · 10/10/2020 22:29

It’ll jump out at you when you least expect it....

lucysmam · 10/10/2020 22:31

Grin @ILovemyCatsSoSoMuch

@FractionalGains thank you! I'm watching a paranormal investigators programme & it made me wonder if there was a current thread :)

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FractionalGains · 10/10/2020 22:35

It isn’t such a long thread but from recollection it links to a massive woo thread on another forum which will take you months to read Smile

lucysmam · 10/10/2020 22:39

Is it the digital spy one? I'd forgotten all about that if so & had got to the second thread of it

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