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Where‘a good for a carvery lunch in Oxford?

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InspiredbyMoomins · 10/10/2020 14:18

Visiting friends tomorrow in Oxford.
Anyone know where’s good for a roast?

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InspiredbyMoomins · 10/10/2020 15:12

Anyone? I want to book somewhere in case it gets busy!

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MiniMaxi · 10/10/2020 15:13

It’s not a carvery as such but the Perch is lovely (bit of a walk)

Fivemoreminutes1 · 10/10/2020 15:40

The Red Lion or the Jericho Tavern

Fifthtimelucky · 10/10/2020 16:28

Not carveries but The Head of the River does great roasts and so does Quod in the High Street.

isseywith4vampirecats · 10/10/2020 16:56

the chances are that even places that do carvery are probably serving the meals to you pre plated as queing up for a carvery and everyone handling the utensils is not alllowed due to covid rules

Fifthtimelucky · 10/10/2020 17:16

Not necessarily true - I had a carvery meal last Sunday (not in Oxford) and it was done as a normal carvery. The only difference is that only only table could go up at a time.

Fifthtimelucky · 10/10/2020 17:17

Sorry - should have said only one table could go up at a time. So there was no queue.

InspiredbyMoomins · 10/10/2020 18:12

Thank you all for suggestions. I had a “traditional” carvery elsewhere do it is possible, but we don’t mind if it is the plated up version of a carvery, as long as the good is good. The Perch looks lovely!

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