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What to make for dinner- main ingredient is Hallumi

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mcgonagalscat · 09/10/2020 15:31

Have store cupboard ingredients, halloumi, and need to pop to the shop on the way home so can grab other bits. What shall I make? I usually do veggie and halloumi wraps but not feeling it tonight.

OP posts:
ShirleyPhallus · 09/10/2020 15:32

Bacon, halloumi and lentil salad is bloody delicious

itbemay1 · 09/10/2020 15:33

Burgers? Brioche buns with chilli jam and chips?

horseymum · 09/10/2020 15:34

Roasted veg with halloumi roasted on top. Veg kebabs. We love squeaky cheese in our house!!

GreenBeanMcGee · 09/10/2020 15:34
TimeIhadaNameChange · 09/10/2020 15:34

Couscous salad with herbs, cucumber, tomato, sweetcorn, peppers, garlic etc

riotlady · 09/10/2020 15:36

Halloumi with roasted med veg and chickpeas and pesto rice.
Halloumi burger with roasted pepper and harissa.
You can also put it in a curry (kinda like paneer)

verybadhairdoo · 09/10/2020 15:36

Chuck the halloumi in a chickpea tagine

AlexaShutUp · 09/10/2020 15:37

We make a nice chick pea salad with halloumi, rocket, black olives and a few other bits. Usually served with hot, fresh bread.

LaLaFlottes · 09/10/2020 15:37

Put the halloumi into toasted pitta with sliced tomatoes, red onions and lettuce with lots of mayo. Quick, easy and delicious!

MinnieMountain · 09/10/2020 15:38

Add it to broccoli and chilli pasta.

Toilenstripes · 09/10/2020 15:40

Halloumi and chickpeas with spinach and pesto. Squirt with lemon. Bake 15 minutes.

refusetobeasheep · 09/10/2020 15:40

Ooh I made a delicious halloumi bake earlier this week. 1 courgette, half a red onion, 250g cherry toms, half a red pepper, some mushrooms, 200g halloumi , cumin, chilli flakes. Dead easy - courgette chunks, mushrooms and onion wedges in a baking tray, coat and toss in olive oil, season and roast for 10 mins. Stir in the whole toms, sprinkle with cumin and chilli flakes and roast another 10 mins. Add halloumi cubes and cook for another 10-15 mins until toms start to burst and halloumi to brown. It's a dead healthy recipe as I'm currently on a restricted diet, but tastes lovely.

AuntyFungal · 09/10/2020 15:41

Just dry fry slices of squeaky cheese till golden.

Pop on plate.
Pour glass of wine.
Sit in front of telly, eat & drink.

Do not offer squeaky deliciousness to anyone.

Audreyseyebrows · 09/10/2020 15:41

This thread is making me dribble

CantSleepClownsWillEatMe · 09/10/2020 15:45

Roast veg, lentil, halloumi & tomato bake
Or for something a bit quicker mushroom & halloumi burgers with red pepper pesto.

Ninkanink · 09/10/2020 15:46

Quinoa or couscous with roasted veg, thyme, chilli flakes and garlic. Slice the halloumi and grill for a few minutes either side, add to the top of the salad,

Houmous and toasted pita to dip,

Fresh easy salad - tomatoes, cucumber, coriander,

Yogurt, harissa and lemon dressing/sauce.

AriettyHomily · 09/10/2020 15:48

Halloumi and chorizo with a red onion and spinach salad

Janevaljane · 09/10/2020 15:49

In a toasted pitta with hummus, grated carrot, lettuce and a pickled chilli

addler · 09/10/2020 15:50

Cous cous with roasted veggies and fried halloumi. And pine nuts

titsbumfannythelot · 09/10/2020 15:50

Spinach, aubergine, onion, curry powder and coconut milk to make a curry 👌🏻

Treeballarae · 09/10/2020 15:59

Toss one courgette sliced, a small aubergine cut into chunks and a sweet potato cut into chunks in mixture of 1tbsp oil, 1 tbsp red wine vinegar, clove of garlic crushed, dried Italian herbs and salt and pepper. Roast in oven for 50 minutes adding the Halloumi sliced for the last 10 to 15 minutes. I serve with boiled quinoa. You can add whatever veg you've got left in fridge too, if anything needs used up. That serves two of us, so scale up if you need to.

CakeGirl2020 · 09/10/2020 16:03

Make a tomatoe sauce, with peppers and onion in. Once the sauce has simmered down in an oven dish put the sauce, sliced Halloumi on top and bake for 20 minutes. We have this with garlic bread.

Roast baby potatoes and veg in paprika, basil. Roast for 35 minutes then add sliced halloumi on top for 10 minutes

Halloumi and chickpea salad with cous cous

ItsmineAllmine · 09/10/2020 16:08

All these sound delicious but our guilty pleasure no fuss dinner is halloumi and chips Grin

Ginkypig · 09/10/2020 16:47

One of my favourites is Maggie sweet chilli haloumi bake in a bag served over couscous with what ever veg you fancy (but peas is an easy choice) mixed through. Dp also has a pork chop or chicken breast but I just have it and the couscous.
You could have salad or rice or potatoes or whatever you fancy instead of couscous though.
It says to use two blocks but I use 1 and bulk up with various veg (I always add frozen green beans too as they work brilliantly) as it’s to only serve 2 people and a whole block is a lot for one person!

reluctantbrit · 09/10/2020 16:57

We have roasted baby potatoes, peppers and courgettes with halloumi today.

Mixed a bit of sundried tomato paste into it and finished.

Otherwise it goes great with pesto and pasta.

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