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Please help me think of a birthday present for dh.

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StuckOnTheM1 · 08/10/2020 17:38

Would like to buy a really nice present for dh but have no idea. I would usually do an experience, theatre or restaurant, but doesn't appeal at the moment. Any ideas for a man whose main hobby seems to be watching tv Hmm?

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RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 08/10/2020 17:45

If he's anything like mine, he'd be over the moon with a big lump of Stilton, a pork pie, some chutney and some beer/wine.

Fivemoreminutes1 · 08/10/2020 18:00

Pizza oven
Lego Art
HP Sprocket
Craft beer subscription
Hotel Chocolat Inventing Room membership or monthly tasting club subscription

StuckOnTheM1 · 10/10/2020 09:27

He'd love a pork pie Grin.

OP posts:
Jerble · 10/10/2020 09:29

Beerbods (or other beer) subscription
Cheese subscription
Magazine subscription

FlyingApples · 10/10/2020 09:32

Is there anything to do with the TV programmes he watches? I got my husband a T- shirt related to The Wire back in the day and he liked that. They don’t have to be cheesy, you can often get something that relates to something on the show, like the name of a gym or a diner, that isn’t immediately obvious that it is TV merchandise unless someone else is a fan.

RockingMyFiftiesNot · 10/10/2020 09:33

There are several threads in the Christmas topic about presents for men, might be some ideas for you there? I watch all these threads as I also have a difficult to buy for DH!

StuckOnTheM1 · 10/10/2020 10:05

Thank you, will have a look.

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