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Are there any truly comforting headphones to be had?

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cosmopolitanplease · 08/10/2020 16:05

I have incredibly sensitive ears. I often wake at night with the cartilage of the side I'm lying on aching horribly, I take a special pillow on holiday etc.

I enjoy listening to audiobooks but can't listen with headphones for more than an hour or so before I'm in pain from where they touch my ears. I've tried skullcandy, beats so-called 'over ear' that are actually on ear, and mpow over-ear which are again actually on ear. All cause pain that continues for a considerable time after I've removed the headphones. I have normal sized ears but when I check the measurements of so-called over-ear headphones on amazon the recess isn't big enough to house all my ear without touching it.

Earbuds: I've tried several types and they've all hurt the insides of my ears. I do wonder if the latest Apple earbuds might be comfortable but they're too expensive to take that gamble!

Can anyone, preferably someone with similarly sensitive ears, please recommend any headphones that you can wear comfortably? Thank you!

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cosmopolitanplease · 08/10/2020 16:06

Bugger, autocorrect in title should read 'comfortable'.

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