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Medical Abortion

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Lilly21715 · 08/10/2020 15:01

This is the first time I've ever used mumsnet and I'm not sure if I'm doing this right so I apologise in advance if I upset anybody.

I'm currently 4 weeks pregnant and I have decided to have an abortion. I have a 1 year old and also a 4 year old with autism who requires alot of attention so a 3rd baby unfortunately isnt an option right now when my 1 year old barely gets the time with me he needs.

I have looked into a medical abortion and seen they can send pills out to you to have an at home abortion which would be the best option considering I live in a rural area and I dont have any transport. The only problem is I have Rheses negative blood and I've read on the BPAS website I would need a Anti D injection so would this affect me having an at home termination? I cant ring until tomorrow when I'm home so I thought I would see if anybody here would be able to give me some insight or their own experience?

Thank you!

And please no hate this isnt something I WANT to do it's something I NEED to do for the benefit of the children I already have.

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Lilly21715 · 08/10/2020 15:57


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CuppaTandCake · 08/10/2020 16:26


Sorry you’ve found yourself in this situation, not an easy one by any means.
Because you’re Rh Neg you will need antid unfortunately which means visiting a clinic as it would need to be administered by a clinician.
Sorry that’s not the answer you needed 😔

Lilly21715 · 08/10/2020 17:53

Thank you so much for your reply! I had a feeling 😔

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VenusStarr · 08/10/2020 18:07

I've had 4 miscarriages and am rhesus A negative and have never had the anti-d injection. I had medical management last week and queried this but was told as it was before 12 weeks (all of them have been), it wasn't in the protocol to do the anti-d. Hope that's the same for you and you can resolve this quickly.

Best wishes x

MulticolourMophead · 08/10/2020 18:13

I've just done some googling and it does look as if you don't need an anti D injection if the pregnancy ends before 12 weeks. Something to do with your body not yet being sensitised to antibodies.

Hope you get this sorted, and best wishes Thanks

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