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90's nights out

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ColdCottage · 08/10/2020 13:15

So many good times, the cusp of people having mobile phones but no social media.

I remember always wearing smart wife leg black trousers with block high heels abs always having a new top for a night out. Something with a silky feel probably that was always tight, or maybe a shirt - I was 16-18 yet was dressing as if I was going to an office 😂

Accidentally calling my parents whilst walking to a friends house with some girlfriends and a bag filled with cider, Hock or peach snaps and some lemonade. My mum got the whole insight on who fancied who etc and the plans to try and smog them

Sitting outside in the summer, probably in some sort of awful shiny top with combat trousers or my friend in her much loved Kappa jacket with a white vest under neither.

Going to foam parties and nearly breaking your neck in heels whilst trying not to sleep over or spill your alchopop the freezing to death on the way home.

Never wearing a coat to save paying the £1 cloak room fee.

Trying to pass for under 16 to pay a child's fare but then look older enough to get into the bar if you didn't have some dodgy form of fake ID.

Lilac eye shadow, probably some glitter abs maybe silver nails.

Tammy Girl when you were a pre teen trying to look like Kylie and really looking rather odd.

OP posts:
ScottyDottyDooDah · 08/10/2020 14:00

There's some bloody brilliant autocorrects in there! Grin

JaneJeffer · 08/10/2020 15:26
EmbarrassedUser · 08/10/2020 15:29

I’m guessing you’re around about my age now. Late thirties? That sounds just like my experience of going out!

tectonicplates · 08/10/2020 15:30

The Camden Palace. Classic.

Hoctober · 08/10/2020 15:35

Crop top and hipster trousers (to show off the belly button piercing). Spice Girl platforms, no coat- tough it out until the beer jacket appeared.

Ordering the taxi at last orders from the pub, to go queue at least half an hour to get in the nightclub.
Nicknames for all the bouncers, get in, three deep at the bar, buy at least two rounds each so we could neck them and then hit the dance floor in time for Brimful of Asha

elliejjtiny · 08/10/2020 15:40

Ah that takes me back. I had some velvet jeans and a black top with sparkly bits on. Glittery hairspray in my hair and a pineapple bacardi breezer in my hand dancing to robbie williams.

InTheVelvetDarkness · 08/10/2020 16:13

Going out clubbing in late 90’s

Dresses were from Pilot clothing or Bay Trading / Topshop
Strappy little stretch dresses With some Chinese symbols or embroidery on them
Hair was in mini crocodile clips with glitter sprayed on
Shoes were kitten heels or shimmer block heels with ankle strap
We also done the whole “office clubbing “ look Grin , Irridescent grey stretch flares or like a purple grey type shimmer suit trouser worn with halter neck and long shimmer overcoat type thing.

Drinks were £1 ! That was for a vodka and Red Bull or double vodka n coke! We would drink lambrini or cider before we went out then only needed £5 to get drunk

Used to wear lots of lettuce hem type skirts and co ordinated tops like little lettuce hem cami tops in pink or grey etc.

I didn’t get a Mobile until 1999 and usually it remained switched off like a brick weight at the bottom of my bag

That was the era of disposable cameras for our girls nights out.

ColdCottage · 09/10/2020 00:42

Loving the memories ladies, yes vodka red bull (no &) oh and going to bed with your hair stinking of fags and having to wash it again in the morning.

OP posts:
1990s · 09/10/2020 00:58

Those triangle tops that sort of tied on, always some stomach out.

Foam parties Smile who the hell came up with that

ColdCottage · 09/10/2020 05:56

I'd forgotten about the triangle tops. Basically a scarf 😂

OP posts:
InTheVelvetDarkness · 09/10/2020 11:17

Always ended up with random fag burns on my arms when dancing on the dance floor and people would be dancing with a cigarette in their hand and bang against you and singe you ouch

I had a few triangle tops , denim and silk type ones
One with little beads dangling down too

NotAQueef · 09/10/2020 11:26

So many topshop dresses ruined with fag burns.
Foam parties, student nights 50p drinks!! Drinking shots of Archers.
Getting on the guestlist by phoning up and pretending it was your birthday. Knowing all the bouncers. No coat in even in snow!
Making friends with the DJ to get your favourite songs on and 'champagne' (ie sparkling perry)
RnB at the end of the night when everyone would pull
No blusher.
Getting coaches to clubs in other towns.
All the hot boys wearing Joop (resulting in trips to boots to spray Joop so we could remember them lol)
Working on a Saturday, getting paid cash in hand, straight to Topshop or Miss Selfridge after work for a new top.
90s house music, 90s garage too

ColdCottage · 10/10/2020 00:19

@NotAQueef it was Tommy Hilfiger for me.

Yes yes yes, all my £25 Saturday job cash went on a new top and going out.

OP posts:
ChasingRainbows19 · 10/10/2020 00:25

I was an indie kid in Manchester 42s and 5th ave... 97 onwards.... jeans/trainers/wedges occasionally skirts n tops tho.

TakemedowntoPotatoCity · 10/10/2020 00:30

I was a student in Liverpool. Strappy satin dresses and silver block heels in minus degree temperatures were de rigueur. As a soft southerners I toughened up quick Grin

Mycatismadeofstringcheese · 10/10/2020 00:31

I used to wear trainers if I was going clubbing later on so I could dance for longer, but if we wanted to meet earlier for a drink most of the pubs in town wouldn’t let people in wearing trainers (had to be wearing proper shoes). Can’t imagine pubs anywhere being that fussy about footwear now!

WeeM · 10/10/2020 00:36

Yes to everything! Handkerchief tops, hipster trousers, silky blouses, crop tops, chain mail tops-I had a French connection one that cost me a fortune as a student, pineapple breezers (sometimes mixed with vodka 😱), after shocks, vodka red bulls, vodka mix for 50p (pissed on a fiver), hooch, woodys, Smirnoff mules, Metz, born slippy, insomnia, cafe del Mar, kula shaker, shed seven, the verve, Beachball, Trainspotting, Pulp Fiction.....

TrainspottingWelsh · 10/10/2020 00:43

I was never very mainstream or for the most part near any large towns. Young farmers and either illegal, or turn a blind eye to raves in fields. Hot pants, furry boots, bra size tops and neon rave paint.

Denim hipster skirts and cropped vest tops, wedge platforms. Diesel as the brand of choice.

I really craved some blue silk/ satin trousers with oriental embroidery from topshop but they were bootcut and as a tall string bean they flared from my knee and ended mid calf, regardless of which angle or footwear I tried them with.

My friends older brother went to university in Manchester in the mid 90's and was regularly coerced into bringing us back the heights of alternative fashion, such as blue hair mascara for the 50 tiny twists in our hair and vintage denim. Her parents lost us for the day when we went to visit one weekend and we discovered Afflecks palace.

Docs, ripped jeans, over sized cult rock band t-shirts, biker jackets etc although I still wear most of that shit so we won't refer to it as 90's

Echobelly · 10/10/2020 00:54

I was an indie kid, not a big drinker. Mate and I also went to some very weird or trendy clubs - I remember going to a night of hardcore speed electronic music, with one of my eyebrows painted blue with hair mascara (remember those?) and spending the evening bashing my mate with a big cardboard tube we found in the club.

For me clubbing was babydoll dresses and DMs, lots of glitter, messy hair with clips in, or baggy 70s corduroy trousers and a tiny t-shirt.

Later on also added techno or breakbeat nights, wearing cyberdog and my prized Dane2030 mesh top with circuit boards printed on it, and swear boots. Had Goth mates so did goth nights too - loved doing the look, though I wasn't really a goth. I think my favourite look might be pink hair in 5 plaits, kimono over hotpants and big swear boots!

ColdCottage · 10/10/2020 10:54

I forgot about dresses over trousers

OP posts:
user1471565182 · 10/10/2020 10:59

I remember my mum going mad and dragging me out of bed accusing me of pissing myself after a foam party night

zenasfuck · 10/10/2020 11:00

How I wish I could go back just for a weekend 😁

x2boys · 10/10/2020 11:19

I was into rock music so early to mid 90,s was all right,jeans ,Spandex ,biker jackets ,Dock,Martens ,when I lived in Salford as a student nurse in the mid 90,s it was all long ,skirt ,s and shirts or little bodies ,or dresses with black tights and my beloved Dock Martens,The clubs we went to were ,Rock world ,the Ritz ,The Venue ,and also occasionally 5th avenue and 42nd as mentioned by pp.

BashfulClam · 10/10/2020 12:31

I was 18 in 1997. Wish we could go back as it was happier and more free. I was skinny and into more grunge style. So combats or biker jeans wit boots or trainers and pretty tops under army shirts. Bright red hair and a lot or purple make up. I used to carry a pvc little miss naughty back pack that was completely see through. I once wore fairy wings that lit up in a night out for a laugh and took bubble mixture out. Someone fag burned my wings when another girl borrowed them (I should have known as she destroyed a pair of shoes she borrowed too)

formerbabe · 10/10/2020 12:33

We'd go clubbing in the late nineties. The coolest girls I knew would wear Karen Millen suits!

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