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13 weeks - No period after pregnancy - not breastfeeding

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BabyCJuly · 08/10/2020 05:16

Hi there,

I have still haven’t had a period after pregnancy.

Anyone else experienced this?

Thanks so much.

OP posts:
mindutopia · 08/10/2020 06:43

It happens sometimes. I went back on the pill 5 months after my first (only bf a few weeks to start) without ever having a period. In contrast, my 2nd was ebf every 1.5-2 hours round the clock and period came back at 3 months every 28 days like clockwork. 🤷🏻‍♀️

User56770987 · 08/10/2020 07:06

I was at least 7 months without a period after ds2. Wasn't breastfeeding. It just returned eventually no issues.

BabyCJuly · 08/10/2020 15:32

Thank you very much :)

OP posts:
Luna1819 · 24/03/2021 14:14

Hey, I am now 13 weeks PP and no return of period, slightly concerned as I had quite a traumatic pregnancy. Consultant not worried until 6 months PP but it is concerning me just because of the birth. Has your period came back yet?

dotdashdashdash · 24/03/2021 15:33

Totally normal. Only time to worry would be if you've had unprotected sex.

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