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So frustrated on behalf of young people and Covid

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FANTINE2 · 06/10/2020 23:37

Just having a rant, please forgive me!
My daughter is in her second year at drama school affiliated to Manchester Met. She is training to be an actor. Face to face classes are vital, but she spent lockdown attempting to train via zoom. Not easy!
However, since returning her classes have taken place in bubbles of 10.
To be fair to all the students, they have stuck to all the rules, and Covid has not reared its ugly head in her bubble. Today, however, they have been told that all their classes will go on line once more.
She was enjoying the course so much, but is now really down. She just doesn't see the point of continuing. I know that in the great scheme of things actor training is not on a par with medical training, but she[we] is still paying £9,000 for this. How can you train an actor via zoom?
I really feel sorry for her and her peers. It has taken her a long time to be accepted in to drama school, and now she feels that she is being short changed.
I really do believe that students need to be refunded for parts of their courses that they have missed out on. I also believe that there is a case for students to have their courses extended.
I understand that many students are experiencing worse difficulties, but it is just so frustrating.

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