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What's the weather like been today where you are?

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PepsiFan77 · 06/10/2020 20:10

Rained till about 3pm then has been sunny and cloudy

OP posts:
Dowser · 06/10/2020 20:14

All day
Say at cafe at beach

RosieLemonade · 06/10/2020 20:23

It’s rained for 14 days straight.

Darklane · 06/10/2020 20:51

Pouring down all day, never stopped.

Pickypolly · 06/10/2020 20:53

Absolutely bouncing off the ground, sideways sheet rain. Flooded roads, paths, gardens.

I got drenched, dripping off my hair & coat.

Then at about 12, glorious sunshine, absolutely gorgeous.

troppibambini · 06/10/2020 20:57

Absolutely chucked it down all day was especially vile around 9 and 3 when it was school run.

LittleMissLockdown · 06/10/2020 21:00

Horrendous driving rain that didn't stop from the minute the sun came up until long after it set. It's been bloody miserable and is supposedly going to stay that way until next week.

LadyCatStark · 06/10/2020 21:04

Absolutely pouring down til 1pm then sunny then pouring again at about half 7.

LoseLooseLucy · 06/10/2020 21:07

Rained all day and hasn’t stopped now.

badlydrawnbear · 06/10/2020 21:11

Sunny first thing, raining for the school run this morning, sunny, then throwing it down and also sunny with rainbows for the afternoon school run, sunny for a bit, throwing it down loudly at dinner time.

DrCoconut · 06/10/2020 22:44

Really cold and miserable apart from a brief period in the afternoon. I sat with the heating and my dressing gown on. Sick and tired of rain and bad weather now.

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