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Fu**ing Hermes! Any nightmare courier stories?

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thebatman · 06/10/2020 17:23

So, I received an email from Hermes on Monday 14/9/20 telling me that my Next parcel was with courier and would be delivered at some point that day, I then received an update from them saying that there had been a "slight delay" and that they would get my parcel to me as soon as possible, followed by another email saying that they had tried to deliver my parcel but I wasn't in, and that the driver had put a card through my door. I WAS in, and there was no card, my street was closed at the bottom due to roadworks and there was a diversion to take traffic to the top end, the driver obviously didn't want to take the 5 minutes to follow the diversion, so lied about being at my door. The next day, another update saying that the courier "had an issue with getting to the delivery address" and that Hermes needed me to take action, I went on to the online chat thingy and left instructions about how to get to my building and I was told that someone would be in touch as soon as possible. I then received an incident update email on the 18th saying that my enquiry was "being looked into" by Timothy at my local depot and that he would be in touch "as soon as we have more information" Imagine my surprise when, after a week, I hadn't heard shit from Timothy but did get an email from Next confirming my returns! So much for Timothy! All the driver had to do was follow a fucking diversion sign, that simple. I had to reorder my item from Next and pick it up myself, even though I pay Next for unlimited delivery, unlimited delivery obviously being dependent on the driver being able to read and follow a diversion sign. Hermes seems to have made it impossible to actually complain about their "service" which is a smart move on their part really, I don't want to lay it all on the drivers as they have to work to ridiculous schedules, and I've done multi drop work myself so I know what it's like, but how are these twats still in business? It's mind boggling!

OP posts:
Northernsoullover · 06/10/2020 17:25

I watched the Hermes van drive past my house. I looked online and apparently I wasn't home. My heart sinks when I see that Hermes is my carrier.

Queenoftheashes · 06/10/2020 17:28

Hermes are fucking useless. They said they would deliver my package on x date, it came and went, still said they were going to deliver on this date, now in the past. After several attempts at complaining with Hermes and the retailer it turned up rather battered a week later. Shite.

Paranoidmarvin · 06/10/2020 17:37

DPD the other day. Couldn’t drop off as no one was there ... it’s a business we were open. Took a photo of where he was. He was literally in our car park. But facing the wrong way. And took a photo of the building opposite. The name of the building is in massive and I mean massive light up lights. He must have seen it as he was parked in our car park. Sometimes u can help stupid.
I spoke to someone on email. They said they would send instructions if they struggle to find it the next time. By struggle she must have meant being clearly blind and not being to see Massive light up words.

ZZGirl · 06/10/2020 17:38

I had the same thing happen this week. Parcel from Disney Store. Told there was a delay but I didn't need to do anything, they would keep me updated. Next thing I know, the tracking says it's on its way back to the seller. I complained to Hermes and today got my email from Disney to say they're processing my refund and an admission from Hermes saying it had been returned in error.

SunnySomer · 06/10/2020 17:40

Parcelforce needed to collect a return from my house. It was an e-bike, in a box, so a massive and heavy parcel. The seller had arranged collection. They came, took the parcel away and I heard nothing until a week later when there was a note through the door saying they’d tried to deliver an item but I wasn’t in. No tracking details, no mention of what the parcel was. Advice that I needed to collect parcel from their depot (30 miles away).
Rang them and it was the bike which they had decided was too big to transport (??? In spite of having collected it) so they were going to return it to me.
Parcel returned to my house damaged after a week in their depot; the man doing the delivery dumped the parcel in the front garden upside down (it very clearly said “this way up”)... basically they gave every impression of wanting to lose business

lockdownconfused · 06/10/2020 17:45

I've had good experiences with Hermes and absolutely awful ones too! The worst was when I paid for next day delivery only to be get the sorry your parcel has been delayed we hope to get it in the move in the next 24 hours message. It stayed like that for 3 days, Hermes promised it would be delivered every day of those 3 days. I then went away for 4 days, 3rd day in I had a message saying my parcel had been delivered and left in my porch. I don't have a porch! Got back no sign of any parcel in the bins or anywhere in the front garden. Contacted Hermes who said my parcel had been successfully delivered so contact the retailer. Contacted them to be told they had had the parcel returned by another person as it was delivered to them and it wasn't for them. They were able to disclose that the person lived over 200 miles from me. They resent the parcel and guess what? Hermes lost it again!!! The retailer resent using Royal Mail and finally got the goods over a month after my original order. To top it off a few things didn't fit and I had to send them back 🤣

Saucery · 06/10/2020 17:46

Our Hermes courier is brilliant. She even smiles and waves if she sees me out and about.
The area must be split into 2 ‘territories’ however, along a road about 10 doors down from us. Their Hermes courier is a law unto himself. There are regular posts on the local FB group saying things like “Has anyone seen a parcel for Ms Annoyed, 12, Main St?” or “Parcel found in our recycling bin for Ms Mystified, 14, Side St, would you like me to bring it round?”.
Responses vary between “oh bless him, he tries!” and “ffs, how does he get away with being so USELESS”. Apparently, if he realises he has made a mistake he will come round and get the parcel and redeliver it. If he’s not able to deliver on the day it says, he will just tell his system it’s been delivered and get round to you as soon as he can be arsed.
I’m very glad he’s not my Hermes courier! Grin

Crimblecrumble1990 · 06/10/2020 18:05

Next and Hermes are an awful combo. I find next tells you they have dispatched when they haven't and Hermes depends on what driver you have as to when you get your parcel!

emptyshelvesagain · 06/10/2020 18:11

Urgh. Just the other week someone decided not to knock on the door but simply go to my back garden, thrown the paving slab from the top of the (broken) storage box onto my flower bed and open the lid of said storage box. It was held down by slab because it is fucking broken and when they opened it to place my parcel inside the hinge snapped and now it's double broken, my flowers are fucked and they didn't give a rats shit about it.

Also, did I mention? WE WERE IN THE HOUSE Angry

MashedSweetSpud · 06/10/2020 18:11

Pray to God you never have a large parcel that needs returning via Hermes.
They lie and say no one was home continuously. The company I bought from confirmed they’d been nowhere near my property. I tried for nine days.

Eventually the company gave me 25% off and I’ve kept the product I didn’t want.

Purpledaisychain · 06/10/2020 18:22

Email Next and tell them about what a nightmare it's been. They may get involved and contact Hermes because it reflects badly on them. Plus, If they get loads of complaints from shoppers about the courier they choose, it may convince them to opt for a more reliable company.

vanillandhoney · 06/10/2020 18:28

I've genuinely never had a bad experience with Hermes!

I think it must dependent on who your driver is.

RunningNinja79 · 06/10/2020 18:37

My heart sinks when I see that Hermes is my carrier.

Mine too. The worst story of mine is that I ordered an item from Ebay (it was a fairly large package, but nothing extremely heavy). It was just to arrive on X day. So that day I saw Hermes van pull up, got out, went next door with a much smaller package, then back in van and drove off. I checked my online tracking to see that it said it had been delivered. There was no attempt at all. I was watching. It came the next day. That happens fairly regularly (getting the message that it's been delivered for it to turn up the next day)

Ooh another one a bit more recently we had the whole message of not being able to find the house. Now this really confused me as we live on a main road and we often have hermes deliveries.

The bit that pisses me off most is the way that you have no way of complaining to them, you can only go by whoever you bought the package of. Just wish they'd fucking listen and stop using hermes.

There are often posts on a local FB page too asking if anyone knows the delivery driver for X post code as things aren't right.

Derekhello · 06/10/2020 18:44

Hermes have had a parcel which will be sent out for delivery to me...since May. Seller kindly sent me a replacement but can’t get a refund herself for the “lost” parcel. A small business losing out, they’re as much use as a chocolate teapot. My heart also sinks when I see delivery will be through them

BertieBob · 06/10/2020 18:45

Today Hermes put my parcel in my food recycling bin. Amongst all the soggy rotting food. Beautiful

rslsys · 06/10/2020 19:59

Three weeks ago Hermes van came into our yard, turned round, stopped, waited for a minute and then drove off again. All caught on CCTV. Didn't have any deliveries pending so unsure what it was all about.
A week later and we are expecting a delivery. Hermes van arrives, driver gets out and comes to the door. I meet him and asked what had happened the previous week. He looks embarrassed and then says, 'Right house name, wrong village' . . .

Bearfrills · 06/10/2020 20:17

I like when Hermes is the courier but our Hermes driver is great, he loves locally and knows everyone. If he sees me out walking, on the school run or whatever, and has a parcel for me he'll hand it over then and there or will ask if I want it dropping off at the house.

Bloody Yodel on the other hand...

At our old house we had a parcel come while we were out and a card put through, "your parcel has been left with your neighbour at 6". Six what!? I lived on the crossroads of a new build estate, there were four number sixes in the immediate vicinity as well as a plot number six. Took me three days to track down my parcel and all Yodel customer service could offer was "the driver has left it at number six".

Bearfrills · 06/10/2020 20:20

Our Hermes driver is so lovely in fact that a few weeks ago I had a parcel and I was out at the park with the DC so he got no answer at the house. His next delivery was to my friend's house so he left my parcel with her for me to collect rather than return it.

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