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HRT at 60 years old

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tilligan · 06/10/2020 17:14

Have been on HRT for menopause symptoms for over 10 years now, only take one low-dose tablet every other day, which GP is happy to continue prescribing. Has anyone else stayed on their HRT past 60? I have tried reducing dose even further but the symptoms come back...anxiety, racing heart and tearfulness. Not sure what to do.....thx

OP posts:
Aquamarine1029 · 06/10/2020 17:15

If your HRT is working for you, there is no reason to stop taking it. I certainly wouldn't.

Janevaljane · 06/10/2020 17:17

I'm only 54 but just to say the vogel menopause tablets are brilliant. I was sceptical but with those and beta blockers I am about to ditch hrt. If you are on such a low dose I think they'd be helpful.

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