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Please help me decide what to study or what to do with my life!

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heuchterteuchter · 06/10/2020 13:46

Help, I'm 41 and want to go to open uni and get a 'proper' job.
Except I have no idea what I want to do!! I honestly don't know what to study or what job I'd like to do!
I currently work for a charity doing admin and digital media (no formal quals) and I love it. part time, works round kids school but the pay isn't great.
I studied English at uni when I was 17 but quit due to depresssion.
Has anyone any suggestions of jobs they love doing and pay ok please?
I know I don't fancy nursing, I did think about studying Counselling as I've had MH problems and counselling really helped me so I'd like to help others.
I seem to go round in circles and never reach a decision! I really want to study and use my brain, but how?

Thanks for any help

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FoulMouthedMotherFigure · 06/10/2020 14:36

Hi, OP. Congratulations on taking that first huge step into the unknown, by recognising that you want to do more with yourself and your life!

The great advantage with the OU is that you don't have to commit to a single pathway too early in the study process. A lot of the Level 1 courses are equally suitable as the entry point for a dozen different degree paths thereafter.

Also, if your interests and your focus change as a result of what you learn (About yourself as much as your subject!), you can change your degree plan and adjust your choice of subsequent modules to study - within reason, obviously!

As you're still exploring options and trying to identify your strengths and interests properly before you proceed, why not investigate some of the free OU short courses offered through OpenLearn and/or FutureLearn and discover what areas of study most appeal to you? You never know - a whole new field of interest and/or possible career path might suddenly open up before you.

Good luck with finding your path! Smile

heuchterteuchter · 06/10/2020 22:21

thank you for replying! I didn't think anyone would bother!
I really have no idea where to start!
didnt know OU did free taster courses, thanks! thats a good starting place.
I keep scrolling through the courses randomly hoping to be inspired!
Just hope SAAS will fund me (still paying off student loans from the 90s!)

thanks :)

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