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What on Earth are we going to do?

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coffeelover54 · 06/10/2020 10:35

I'm that devastated, shocked, panicked and anxious that I don't even know if this is posted in the right place and if this thread will
Make any sense at all. I've just had news from my employer that I am being made redundant in 1 weeks' time. I don't know what to do. We have a 2 year old toddler and I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant. This was so unexpected and happened so fast, no notice, nothing. My DH has always been the higher earner and is currently on £35K and I was on £21K. We're going to be losing out on an entire salary of about £1,450 (roughly) per month and we still have some debt that we are paying off monthly, about £300pm. We just can't afford me not bringing money in . Due to his salary being £35K, we are not entitled to any help from the government. I've spoken to some recruiters but they said that not many companies are recruiting for roles that I do and with me being pregnant, I doubt I would get anything anyway right now with so much competition. I am strongly against abortions and it's not something I would ever do. We have some money saved to probably get us through for about 2-3 months. I just don't know what we're going to do. I know this might not make much sense, I'm a mess.

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UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme · 06/10/2020 10:39

You probably are entitled to something - try the entitled to website. Under the old tax credits you would have been. You'll still get statuatory maternity pay.
Try to arrange something with your creditors - contact them now about reducing payments or freezing the debt for a set time. Most big companies would rather do this than have you get into arrears.

UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme · 06/10/2020 10:40

Also if you own you may be able to arrange reduced mortgage payments for a set time or a payments holiday.

coffeelover54 · 06/10/2020 10:41

Thank you for coming back to me @UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme. I've tried it and it says that all I'm entitled to is the child benefit I already get. Which is £84pm. I will try to call the creditors, hopefully something can be done. Thank you again.

OP posts:
LilyLongJohn · 06/10/2020 10:42

Look at all your outgoing, you'll be surprised at how much you can cut down on. Netflix, mobiles, pension contributions etc and also speak to your creditors, arrange a payment plan whilst you are in this position, even if you only pay them £1 a month. It'll affect your credit rating but needs must.

You may also be entitled to some benefits, so do check and as another pp said, you'll be entitled to smp

Do any of your local supermarkets or shops need staff? You could work your shifts around childcare or work weekends

GoldenOmber · 06/10/2020 10:44

Do you qualify for contribution-based JSA? That shouldn’t be affected by your husband’s income?

GoldenOmber · 06/10/2020 10:47

Seems to have been replaced with the ‘new style JSA’, but your husband’s income still shouldn’t rule you out as I’m reading it

UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme · 06/10/2020 10:50

You should be entitled to £175 per week total universal credit with two children total if you pay rent, are looking for work, and have no source of income other than your husband's salary.

user1471515926 · 06/10/2020 10:51

If you have been working there for more than 2 years you should qualify for a redundancy package, which should be tax free. Push for an offer above statutory. Your notice should also be paid tax free. That's a very short consultation period - are you the only one going?
They are obliged to offer you any other suitable role within the company that's vacant during the consultation period.
Although it is a worrying time, make sure they follow due process.

RedskyAtnight · 06/10/2020 10:56

You should be eligible for JSA. Will you get any type of redundancy package? Can you sign up with temp agencies for any sort of work you might be qualified for - they are less likely to be bothered (yes, I know legally, no one should be bothered) by you being pregnant. Also, presumably you have some childcare and possibly work related costs - remember there are savings to be made if you're not working.

RosieLemonade · 06/10/2020 11:02

You will be able to get statutory maternity pay. I’m sure most woman are entitled to that. I’m sorry this has happened and when you are pregnant. Must have been a nasty shock.

Saz12 · 06/10/2020 11:12

Will you get a redundancy payment? With your 3 months of savings you will get by until your maternity pay entitlement kicks in.

If you can rearrange your debt repayment then you’re “short” on your regular monthly income about £1,100. Some of this you’ll claw back by not spending on commute and childcare, and all the other costs of going to work.
Some costs will be from meaningless spending you don’t really get much from (;if you’re anything like me!).

Then sit down with pen and paper and add up all your costs - absolutely all the fixed ones.
Then look again at them. Can any be reduced or deferred or just got rid of? Cancel anything you can.
Go through your bank statements / credit card bill and figure out where you spend just now, and how you can reduce it. Every bit of it! Do all the obvious things like cutting your weekly supermarket bill (special offers/ own brand/ lentils / veg/ no treats/ meal plan / things with mince / make from scratch / etc).

Remember: this isn’t forever, you will get back on your financial feet.

daisyjgrey · 06/10/2020 11:17

Many families live on a lot less than 35k, it's just that you're not used to it. Talk to creditors and go through your outgoings, you will have to adopt a different lifestyle for a while.

The citizens advice website also says this "You can't be made redundant because you're pregnant or on maternity leave. ... If you are on maternity or parental leave, and there is a genuine reason to make your role redundant, your employer must offer you suitable alternative work if they have it. They should give you this as a priority over other employees." So I'd have a chat with HR.

You should also be entitled to redundancy assuming you've been there long enough and also SMP if you don't manage to wangle a better deal through HR for maternity pay. I'd be really examining if you've been laid off for a solid reason and not just chosen because you're pregnant and will cost them more money to keep on. Be clever about this.

RedskyAtnight · 06/10/2020 11:22

Many families live on a lot less than 35k, it's just that you're not used to it. Talk to creditors and go through your outgoings, you will have to adopt a different lifestyle for a while.

Whilst this is true, in the short term there tend to be fixed costs you can't do a lot about. So if (say) OP's rent/mortgage and council tax alone swallow up most of the 35K, then no amount of different lifecycle will make it manageable for her. However, it's definitely worth OP coming up with a proper budget and working out which costs are fixed and which could be reduced.

EvilPea · 06/10/2020 11:25

I don’t know how the temping market is right now.
Years ago my work had temps they were quite often people in your situation 9 times out of 10 they would get hired after maternity leave.

As I say, no idea how things are at the moment though.

KenAdams · 06/10/2020 11:44

What do your essential outgoings add up to?

Blackjackontherocks · 06/10/2020 18:42

What a horrible shock when you’re pregnant Sad

You won’t get statutory maternity pay unfortunately as you’re only 14 weeks (you would gave got it if you were over about 25 weeks when leaving). But you might get Maternity Allowance if you’ve been employed for 26 out of the last 66 weeks and earned more than £30 in 13 of those weeks.

You’ll also get new style JSA (73.15 per week) if you’ve made National insurance contributions in the last 2 tax years, always best to apply if you’re not sure if you’ve made the NICs. You can get this irrespective of partners income or any capital.

If you haven’t already, use a benefits calculator to see if you might get some Universal Credit And/or Council Tax Reduction; even if you’re not entitled now, you might become entitled when the baby is born as your max entitlement will increase.

If your work knew (or suspected) you were pregnant defo look into whether you’ve been discriminated against. Maternity Action or Pregnant than screwed can talk you through your options.

Most creditors are still allowing a 3 month payment deferral on debts due to coronavirus which can give you a bit of breathing space.

Redundancy is such a shoc

Coldwinterahead1 · 06/10/2020 18:47

You need to write down what you spend money on and look to cut back. Do you drive? You might only need one car for a while.

coffeelover54 · 06/10/2020 19:22

Hi all, so sorry about the late response - it's been a ridiculously stressful day. I just wanted to say thank you all for being so helpful. I will probably call out local council tomorrow and ask them if there's anything I could be entitled to other than JSA (I even forgot about that as I've never had to claim this before so thank you for reminding me). In terms of outgoings, yes we can certainly cut down on the food shop, etc. And things like Netflix too. I will be speaking more to HR in the next few days and ask about what they can offer. Yes, I do drive, we have 2 cars on finance so I will be calling my finance company and asking them to take my car away as I we will no longer need it if I'm not working. It's just been hectic and a lot of tears. I can't believe this is reality for a lot of people these days

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