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Too much Foremilk??

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Dixie29 · 05/10/2020 15:14

Not sure if anyone has any experience in this but I have a 15 week old daughter (second baby).
I have been breastfeeding with 1 bottle of formula per day. I didn't breastfeed my older son so this is all a bit new to me. Due to Covid I haven't been able to weigh her as much as I would like but she was born on 91st centile and has dropped to 50th however has stayed there for a couple of weights so not sure if it is anything to worry about...

Anyway she has started having dark green, thick pasty poo which has been going on for about a week. No other symptoms (she has always been sicky) and previously her dirty nappies were yellowish. She normally goes once a day. I am worried because I read this can be due to excess foremilk which would mean she is not getting enough fat (could be contributing to slow weight gain?)... I had suspected perhaps this could be the case as when I express milk it always looks very thin ( i also don't produce an awful lot when I express)

She is generally settled and has wet nappies so I am just not sure whether she is doing well with breast milk or not. I am not a die hard breastfeeder so I will switch to formula if needed, it is making me quite anxious constantly wondering if she's ok. I will speak with HV but I know they are bias towards breastfeeding so I'm not sure they would ever suggest there was something wrong with breastmilk?! Anyone got any advice at all. Thanks

OP posts:
memememe · 05/10/2020 15:22

if you think its due to foremilk then block feed her. so feed from one side only at the feed until you are sure she is finished on that side then if still hungry you can offer the other side and then at the next feed start on the same side as the last feed was from until she is fully done then switch over, next feed start on the side you last finished on. hope that makes sense?

if the poop is frothy at all it might be an allergy rather than the foremilk issue.

ahhanotheryear · 05/10/2020 15:23

If she has stayed reliably on the 50th centile and is not dropping further its probably fine.
Feed for longer on each side. Don't worry about expressing its not a gauge of how much milk you have. I would ask the GP about the poo colour, take a photo to show them.

WellQualifiedToRepresentTheLBC · 05/10/2020 16:50

It sounds like she is fine. If you need to "do something" (and I really do understand that feeling!), I would just block feed her, one breast per feed. It will hurt on the other side due to engorgement, try to express the bare minimum on the other side for comfort and to prevent mastitis.

Feel free to show GP nappies, but rest assured they will tell you it's fine and to come back if they turn black/look like coffee grounds. She's maintaining weight gain and she's not dehydrated so you really don't have anything to worry about, honestly.

There's a lot of twaddle on t'internet regarding foremilk, hindmilk, etc. and while maybe there's something to it, it mostly just creates anxiety. Try to concentrate on weight and hydration, if those are OK (and she isn't screaming her face off regularly - i.e., she isn't in pain), then you're fine really.

mumof1littlebun · 05/10/2020 17:37

I’m sorry I have no advice regarding the fore milk but my ds was born on the 91st centile and has dropped to the 50th and the health visitor has said it can happen with babies born heavy and as long as he doesn’t drop anymore it’s fine. We have been referred to a paediatrician but more as a double check than anything to be really worried about

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