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Really heavy 1st post baby period

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WankPuffins · 05/10/2020 10:57

I had my baby by c section 6 weeks ago. Post birth bleeding stopped around 4 weeks, at FF so my first period started on Friday last week. All normal for me. Then this morning I woke to find my pyjamas soaked, I’ve changed pads three times since 8am.

Is that normal? This is my third baby, never had anything so heavy and it’s odd how the bleeding has switched from normal to heavy after 3 days. No clots.

Just after some reassurance really - there’s no hope of contacting anyone. My scar was infected after one of the stitches was digging in, I ended up having to pay privately to get the stitch removed and for antibiotics after a week of trying to get anyone to see me on the nhs so I doubt anyone would be interested in this.

OP posts:
User0ne · 05/10/2020 13:17

I'm sorry that's not normal and I would be irresponsible to try to offer reassurance. You need to seek medical attention

WankPuffins · 05/10/2020 14:01

@User0ne well I tried. I managed to speak to a practice nurse who said “and what exactly would you like me to do about a heavy period?”

If it carries on I’ll contact the private gp who sorted me out last time.

OP posts:
babyboy20 · 05/10/2020 14:12

@WankPuffins I am exactly the same it's my second period since c section and It's out of control. Just standing or sitting can cause flooding. Having to change pads every hour. First baby so no idea if normal but it absolutely sucks sending 💐 x

Blooblaableep · 05/10/2020 14:17

I've only had one baby and I had a vaginal birth so I'm not sure if that makes a difference, but my periods were very light when they started again. Much lighter than they ever were before pregnancy. In my opinion you should call your GP. The practice nurse sounds a bit rubbish, even if it's nothing they don't need to be so dismissive!

WankPuffins · 05/10/2020 14:24

@babyboy20 it’s horrible isn’t it? I have to leave to pick up Dd from school in a bit and I’m dreading it.

@Blooblaableep the nurse is the gatekeeper. Wouldn’t let me speak to a GP.

OP posts:
Itsatoughgig · 05/10/2020 14:29

Soaking through a pad an hour is the point that medics use for saying to seek medical help. This is not a standard “heavy period”

StopMakingATitOfUrselfNPissOff · 05/10/2020 15:57

My first one post DC2 was heavy, unbelievably heavy. It was a total one off.
Hope you’re ok

WankPuffins · 05/10/2020 16:55

It’s slowing now - nowhere near as heavy as this morning.

OP posts:
sarahc336 · 05/10/2020 16:56

My first period after my baby was horrific, so painful and extremely heavy so personally I'd say from my experience it's normal xx

WankPuffins · 05/10/2020 17:03

@sarahc336 thank you. I’ve never known anything like earlier. Even after my past births. My periods are so light, I was really freaked out!

OP posts:
sarahc336 · 05/10/2020 22:07

@WankPuffins I have heard a few other women having awful periods after their babies. It was only the first period afterwards, the second period and onwards seemed more like a normal period for me, I hopenyour slows down soon xx

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