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Why watch football?

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Pricklylittlecactus · 04/10/2020 20:48

All it does is gets him angry. Even when they're winning. I mean I can understand his frustration tonight, losing badly. But I just don't see what's enjoyable about it 😂

OP posts:
Xiaoxiong · 04/10/2020 22:34

I dated a guy once many years ago, ended it swiftly because every time Wolves lost it ruined his entire weekend and most of the following week. It was incredible to me that the random fortunes of a team could affect his mood so much and for so long - seemed almost emotionally incontinent somehow. I understand the intensity of getting to the end of a big championship but seriously it seemed like every piddly little week in week out game was life or death.

DH doesn't watch football at all and rugby and cricket just don't seem to attract the same mad tribal emotions (thankfully).

MajesticWhine · 04/10/2020 22:35

Hmm. I wish I didn't watch football after tonight's showing. But he probably gets some great moments when it's going well.

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