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Which speed on motorway?

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Sobold · 04/10/2020 19:23

Hi, I was driving towards London on the M3 motorway the other day when I came to a stretch where roadworks were being done. On the ground at the side of the road were those big, round metal signs with the reduced speed limit of 50 written on them. I reduced my speed accordingly. However, after a very short while I came to an overhead gantry and the speed stated 60. There were still the 50 signs at the side of the road. Which speed should I have obeyed?

OP posts:
BubblyBarbara · 04/10/2020 19:24

Whichever one had a red circle around it. If the gantries did not have these then they are just “advisory”. Only a speed limit in a red circle is enforceable

BigSandyBalls2015 · 04/10/2020 19:24


megletthesecond · 04/10/2020 19:25

I'd have gone for the lower one just in case.

KindergartenKop · 04/10/2020 20:31


DramaAlpaca · 04/10/2020 20:33

The speed limit indicated in the section of roadworks is the speed limit you should follow, so 50 in this case.

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