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Has anyone changed their own or a child's name by deed poll?

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ArtemisBean · 04/10/2020 19:08

DH and I would like to change DS's surname to be our two surnames double barrelled instead of just DH's. But will this saddle him with all manner of paperwork nightmares in his adult life whenever he wants to apply for something? As much as I'd love him to have my name too (blaming sleep deprivation for not doing it at the time!) I don't want him having to deal with lots of extra faff for the rest of his life!

OP posts:
Lasvegas · 04/10/2020 22:25

I did it about 10 years ago. I changed surname of DD. I had no problem getting her a new passport just sent off a copy of deed pole.

Then her driving licence and national insurance card all came through with new name, no issues.

We are both British born and raised.

ArnoldBee · 04/10/2020 22:31

Yes it will possibly cause issues with all the checks that are now in place. However is your child under 1?

Frappuccinofan · 04/10/2020 22:34

I don’t think it will cause issues, particularly as he’s so young. I think people definitely over exaggerate the “faff” with deed polls, I changed my name at 19 and had ZERO issues. It was actually quite a fast and efficient process - everything was sorted in a week, including receiving my new passport and license!

Frappuccinofan · 04/10/2020 22:35

To clarify, I haven’t had any issues since either. I changed my name years ago,

Hiccupiscal · 04/10/2020 22:37

Recently. Changed my last name to DPs.
Made the deed poll. Friends witnessed and signed. Sent to all relevant places, accepted, no problems. All done.
Absolutely can't belive how simple it was. I've even considered changing my whole name just because I can Grin

You can print a simple deed poll online.

NationalShiteYear · 04/10/2020 22:41

Yes it was less faff than I thought it would be. We did DC after we married when you have to re-register them so they actually got a whole new birth certificate which I presume means their old name is defunct 🤷🏼‍♀️

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