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Bit of a weird one...any physios, ortho nurses/doctors around for some art advice!

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CompleteBarstool · 04/10/2020 12:04

I'm looking for a present for a student physio who is into Etsy/art/craft type gifts and saw this artist's prints.

As a physio/ortho professional are they accurate enough to appreciate ? (in that they wouldn't annoy you because something is glaringly wrong, or the artist hasn't represented the joint accurately enough IYSWIM)?

I appreciate that it's art and not a medical textbook illustration but I don't want to get them if it would make her teeth itch looking at them!

Etsy prints ....if you scroll down you'll see others that they do. I was thinking of the ones of joints in particular

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CompleteBarstool · 04/10/2020 15:31

Anyone, please?

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Munkeyface · 04/10/2020 15:56

I bought my husband something similar from Etsy. He is a surgeon. It is framed in his office and he hasn't ever said it is inaccurate.
I say go for it!

CompleteBarstool · 04/10/2020 16:44

Thank you Munkeyface.
I think it will be ok but you never know if it will grate on the recipient if it's not 100% anatomically correct.

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CompleteBarstool · 04/10/2020 20:51

one last bump....

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