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Best online sign language course

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AlwaysDancing1234 · 03/10/2020 18:43

I would like to learn BSL (British Sign Language) and was wondering about the best online course.

I have looked at several and read reviews etc. but just wondered if anyone had a recommendation please?

I learnt basic Makaton (which I realise is different from BSL) when my child was younger as he has autism, I picked it up quickly but we rarely use signs anymore.

I am partially deaf (not from birth so rely a lot on lip reading). I know the alphabet and some basic signs but definitely a beginner. Would love to learn BSL properly.

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TheDrsDocMartens · 05/11/2020 17:53

Look for accredited courses. Signature and IBSL are awarding bodies and both have searches for ones in your area. You can then check who is doing online training.
There is also SignWorld who I think are online

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