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I'm gonna kill him.

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mbosnz · 03/10/2020 18:04

How does he make chips so fucking noisy?! And it's like he somehow triple crunches every bloody mouthful.

OP posts:
PaperMonster · 03/10/2020 18:36

Ugh. It’s bloody awful isn’t it? I feel your pain.

YorkieTheRabbit · 03/10/2020 18:37

You were with me the whole time, 🤣

mbosnz · 03/10/2020 18:42

Oh thank God, he's finished. I made the mistake of having no background noise. Turning the TV on loud helped. I love the man. I love chips. The two combined? I do not love.

I wonder what his 'I'm gonna kill her' thread would be?! I can think of many potential things. . . Grin

OP posts:
mbosnz · 03/10/2020 18:43

CRISPS!!! I'm sorry, I haven't quite assimilated yet. . .

OP posts:
trappedsincesundaymorn · 03/10/2020 19:13

Mine slups spaghetti....He may be the first person ever to be strangled with it in the not to distant future. Grin

mbosnz · 03/10/2020 19:15

Does anyone have a clacker? Eating utensil on teeth?

OP posts:
GotOutOfBedOnTheWrongSide · 03/10/2020 19:26

Mine doesnt chew his food properly and I can actually hear it going down his throat! So annoying, chew your bloody food!

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