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Conservatory - winter - fabric dampness

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Paranoidmarvin · 03/10/2020 10:25

I have finally kitted out my conservatory. Bought new furniture etc. We cannot afford to get the roof etc done till next year.

My question is. If you have one. Do you remove all your soft furnishings during the winter months. My husband insisted on having chairs with fabric on. Do I need to do something with these. Or will they be okay.
This and many other questions about conservatories. Basically what do u do with urs in the winter.

OP posts:
GenderApostate19 · 03/10/2020 11:16

I have an electric ‘log burner’ type heater on a timer for a couple of hours a day that does the trick, we’ve had the conservatory for 5 years now and don’t have a damp problem, we also use an oil filled radiator if it’s really cold as you can leave them on a low setting and they kuck in and out.
If it’s a big space ( mine’s only 3m x 3m) I would go for a calor gas fire as it really dries the air out.

JonHammIsMyJamm · 03/10/2020 11:17

Portable dehumidifier ?

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