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Distance learning and homework

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Sunflowertall · 03/10/2020 06:25

How are primary schools setting homework where you are and how are teachers teaching children who are self isolating but not ill?

I've had at least 5 children off everyday this year. Different children as some return and others have to self isolate. I've been emailing work home for them, which has felt quite hard to keep in top of. I've now had a few parents say it's too much to print off, can we post it. The school franking machine is broken so the deputy head said some people are hand delivering! 😮 I just don't have time to do that.

We're trying not to send paper home so I set work on our online platform yesterday but already I've had children say they can't remember their login/they don't have laptops etc.

How are other people managing this!?

OP posts:
isthistoonosy · 03/10/2020 06:31

Could you send reading and text books home or that not allowed?

SahmedOut · 03/10/2020 08:08

DD's teachers did it via hard copy. They hand delivered packs to each child. To be returned at the end of the week /2 weeks via the school letterbox. Children in isolation had a pack of work sent home via a neighbouring child. No text books were sent home.

DS's teachers did it all via google classroom. Accepted scanned or photos of work and set up online tests. All of his books were sent home.

An you send stuff that can be edited in a pdf editor or in word and emailed back to you? Then you skip the needing to print out.

THATbasicWITCH · 03/10/2020 08:10

Our primary and secondary are both doing this online

Primary recently closed for two weeks and we managed fine

Most of the work set didnt need printing

badlydrawnbear · 03/10/2020 09:16

We haven't had any homework/ reading books home yet, which surprised me. There was something in the school newsletter last week about an online reading diary with more information to follow at some point. DC2 is in year 1 so I was expecting reading books.

DC1's year group self-isolated due to a positive case. Work was set daily on the online platform that they had used for home learning during lockdown. DC1 refused to type anything because she can't type so it takes too long to find each letter. I emailed the teacher who said it was ok for her to write instead and take the work into school after the 2 weeks, but DC says the teacher didn't ask to look at it.
DC2 was unable to go to school 2 or 3 days each week that DC1 was off, because when I was at work DH couldn't get her there as DC1 couldn't leave the house or stay in on her own. I emailed DC2's teacher with no expectation of work being provided for her but asking if I could have some idea what they were covering in class. He emailed me a pack of maths and phonics sheets. We don't have a printer, but at least it gave me some idea what she should be doing.

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