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Effing smoke detector beeping!!!

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joystir59 · 03/10/2020 00:37

Its half past midnight and it's been beeping for the last hour. I had an electrical come this afternoon to replace all the batteries in the detectors throughout the house, because one was beeping, and it's beeping again now. They are hard wired detectors and we have 6 or them because it's a three storey house that used to be a student dwelling. I want rid of them because of this noise!!! I want an electrician to come and disconnect them all. I can't stand them! My wife died 13 weeks ago and I'm very anxious panicky and sad. I went away last weekend and came back to a leak from.the bathroom.sink that's soaked the ceiling of the room underneath. I've resolved the leak. Now this. There is always something and I am struggling to cope. I just want a hand hold and just not to feel alone. Goodness knows how I will sleep, wish it would shut up

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joystir59 · 03/10/2020 01:38

It doe not matter how many people you have around you - your pain is your own and not something you want to foist onto anyone.
Talking here helps. Offloading through your fingertips is good therapy

This is true. Thank you.

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Anordinarymum · 03/10/2020 01:43

And it's strange because the very people who know what you are going though are the last ones you want to offload to.

When my son died everyone came to me to tell me how they felt, and how thy could not cope. I listened to them and spoke to them,and then when they had all left I could cry.

I also found I could talk to complete strangers about my feelings where i could not talk to family in the same way. Grief is weird.

joystir59 · 03/10/2020 12:57

Thank you to everyone who held my hand through that long horrid night. The electrician came today and discovered an old detector in an alcove which I thought had been disconnected. It turned out that it still had a battery in it that had finally run down. That's what was beeping. Dealt with now. Peace!!!! You were all so helpful and kind when I needed it. Thank you @52ThaliaLuxurySpa

OP posts:
HopeClearwater · 03/10/2020 13:03

OP, if you were 51 or under when you were widowed you can join Widowed and Young. They have an FB group and it’s very supportive. Over 51, I think there is WAY Ahead. Google it.

Adarajames · 03/10/2020 19:08

So sorry for your loss. Glad you’ve sorted the awful endless beeping!

I’ve found that if I need to get things done but head keeps going around difficult / upsetting thoughts, I listen to audio novels so my brain is slightly more distracted and I can then do tasks I need to do. Worth a try?

StopGo · 03/10/2020 20:53

I'm so glad you've got it sorted @joystir59. My DH died recently and one night I couldn't stop the fire alarms from activating and I couldn't reach them to tear them down. Stupidly in my panic I called the fire brigade, the call handler was amazing, she told me to sit tight they would sort it. A fire engine turned up at nearly midnight, I was so embarrassed. They completely understood why I'd panicked, removed and put new alarms up.
Be kind to yourself, this bereavement lark is awful Flowers

ThaliaLuxurySpa · 04/10/2020 00:09

Glad talking a little on here helped you through.

Keep doing so as and when you need to: upset in the early hours can seem far more of a lonely battle, but time differences mean there's always somebody somewhere around on here.

Hooray the bastard beeper was finally shut up!

ThaliaLuxurySpa · 04/10/2020 00:11

@StopGo, sorry you're recently bereaved too x

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