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Tropic skincare

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maverickallthetime · 02/10/2020 22:13

I love using it but hate having to pay so much when I know it's from a MLM business. Is there anything similar I could use instead?

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maverickallthetime · 03/10/2020 09:11


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TheBitterBoy · 03/10/2020 10:33

I felt the same as you. I like a number of their products but felt uncomfortable buying from an MLM. Then friend started selling with them and I was concerned she was getting into something that was going to cost her money, although she's a very smart cookie. I did a bit of reading and found this
Which is quite interesting from a site that is very anti MLM. My friend is open that she only sells to make a bit of extra cash and honestly says she doesn't feel pressure to upsell or any of that. I feel happier using the products now, I promise I have no skin in this game!

DeciduousPerennial · 03/10/2020 11:20

Check inci lists for the products you really like, and do some research is about the best thing. Following good skincare people on fb/Instagram is worth doing. There are some websites that offer dupe info, but also be aware that ‘clean’ (which I believe is a key think for tropic) is not a regulated term; each company that uses it can and does interpret it to mean whatever they need it to mean within a very broad sphere.

Conniethesensible · 05/10/2020 21:58

I use them and love them tbh - I get that not everyone will like it’s an MLM. But you can buy through the website and the products educate kids in Cambodia.
The blue lagoon and green mask they do have been the only things to clear up my persistence acne which should really of gone away on its own 10 years ago on the account of me being 35 now but there we are.

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