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Long term weight gain

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BlankProfile · 02/10/2020 13:34

So I have put on about 28lb over the past 30 years - that works out at about a pound a year. I'm tall and used to be skinny so I'm still a healthy BMI (just!).
I've read that you need to overeat by 3500 calories to put on a pound. So over a year, that's roughly 10 calories a day to put on a pound year.
That's not even one malteser a day. Or one matchmaker.

OP posts:
WorraLiberty · 02/10/2020 13:37

This is why I don't understand people who refuse to have a set of scales in the house. They're normally the ones who end up shocked at how much they've gained, whereas if they knew much sooner, losing it wouldn't feel so insurmountable.

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