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Wrong hinges on new upvc windows- holdback some cash till fixed?

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WeeMadArthur · 02/10/2020 07:28

I’m having new windows put in. Yesterday they did one floor, and coming back for the rest today. Once they had gone yesterday I checked the windows and all but one pane have the wrong hinges, they don’t slide along like they should to allow me to clean both sides not the glass from inside. I phoned up and they said speak to the fitters in the morning about ordering the correct hinges.

Assuming that they don’t have the right hinges to hand, and that they are going to have to come back, I don’t think I should pay them the full amount today but I’m really unsure about how much is fair to hold back until they are completed as expected?

Can anyone advise please?

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nectarina · 02/10/2020 07:29

I would hold it all back until it’s fixed.

WeeMadArthur · 02/10/2020 09:03

That’s what DH said but I wasnt sure we could do that. Might ask him to be there when they’ve finished today. They’ve said that they will have to order them and come back

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blindmansbluff · 02/10/2020 09:05

Hold it all otherwise they might decide it's not worth coming back for a smaller amount. They get paid when the job is finished.

BaronessBomburst · 02/10/2020 09:06

I wouldn't pay until it was correct either. They haven't fulfilled the order. Presumably the correct hinges were specified in the sales contract?

Scarby9 · 02/10/2020 09:12

Yes, I have done this.

If it is a large amount due, I have paid part, but less than half until the job is correctly completed. No angst, no animosity, just calmly waited to pay as agreed for the job we agreed (and then pay very promptly).

Currently I haven't paid for my new roof (finished yesterday) as they broke the gutter and just need to replace that before we settle up.

I learnt to do this from my replacement wooden windows fitted with shiny gold fittings rather than the matte black we had ordered. 15 years later I still dislike them and presumably the company is still looking for an alternative supplier to return and swap them as they promised...

WeeMadArthur · 02/10/2020 09:17

Incidentally they have said that the wrong hinges are fire escape hinges, so I’m not sure if every window has to have them why I was told hey were giving me the other type at all!

@Scarby9 that’s what I’m worried about, hat if I paid it all they would never get round to fiixng it

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tanstaafl · 02/10/2020 10:34

We have those ‘open so you can clean the other side’ hinges, but they don’t open fully unless you first open the window as much as it naturally can go, then push down on the plate to get the hinge past the safety stop, then the window opens beyond that.

Forgive me if you know that and you know you don’t have those hinges fitted!

WeeMadArthur · 02/10/2020 10:43

@tanstaafl the only reason I spotted it was that the right hinge is on one of the windows but none of the others, otherwise I was assuming I was doing it wrong!

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