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Gambling - advice needed - no judgement

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123qwe123 · 01/10/2020 20:46

As the title says, no judgement please.
I was a problem gambler about 10 years ago. I got a hold of it and have never gambled since..... until lockdown.
I lost my job and UC doesn't even cover the mortgage. So I started looking at gambling sites again (poker). I joined one site, and deviated from poker to slots - yes I know. Anyway. After losing a considerable amount of money, I got an email from the site's social care team. They followed up with 1 phone call (which I missed).
In the meantime I got another email telling me I was now part of their VIP club, with promotions and £200 to spend - which sucked me right back in. Same day, I got another email saying they would restrict my account as I flagged up as maybe having a problem. I logged in - account was not restricted, and agiain I had ' VIP' games to play.
All this happened in a week.
I know this is down to me..... but..... after they identified me as a problem gambler, they then went on to not only not restrict my use but to make me a VIP member, give me £200, and flood me with offers and promotions.
Do I have a case here?
And again, I work(ed) in finance so I know I'm a bloody idiot. I don't need anyone telling me :)

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123qwe123 · 01/10/2020 20:47

PS - usual long standing member with name change

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123qwe123 · 01/10/2020 21:23

anyone...... :/

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User56770987 · 01/10/2020 21:29

I don't know if you have a case. It's probably worth a shot but I'm not sure how.

Have you blocked yourself from that site and any others you might potentially use.

Close family has been there so no judgement from me. Hope you're OK. You are where you are so just need to move in the right direction. Have you phoned GA or anything? Might be a good idea Flowers

123qwe123 · 01/10/2020 21:39

I've blocked myself from that site but it's just impossible. Now I'm 'known' on that site, I can't go on the internet without every advert being another site, and you can't block them all, there's hundreds.
Even being on here now I've an advert for 'starspins'

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AllTheCakes · 01/10/2020 22:27

Have you tried speaking to Gamble Aware or similar? I would hope one of these organisations can help put a block on you to stop it happening in future.

UselessTrees · 01/10/2020 22:56

You can register with Gamstop which is pretty effective at blocking use of the vast majority of gambling sites.

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