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The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read

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Magicbabywaves · 01/10/2020 07:33

Read this last year and was initially impressed with it. I agreed with her central point that children can be worked with, rather than against and by acknowledging their problems/issues and listening, the child appreciates that.
However, I couldn’t help but think that had she had more than one child the book would have been very different. I have three children and it’s honestly virtually impossible to sit down on a doorstep and watch an ant for 20 minutes when you’re on a school run/the baby needs feeding/another child needs the toilet. I can imagine if there’s one child how you can cater most of what you do to their interests and needs, but that doesn’t work with more than one. How could you co sleep with several children (even if you wanted to). She also didn’t consider the impact of the sibling dynamic.

Just wondered if anyone else had any thoughts on this.

OP posts:
Hilleni · 01/10/2020 07:58

Love this book. I wish all adults could read it before having or working with children.

But yes, you're right. In an ideal world you would be able to sit and look at the ant for 20 mins but it's not always possible. If you pair that book with 'How to talk to little kids will listen' - together, they're like the holy bible.

Both those books really compliment each other and 'How to talk to little kids will listen' deals with a LOT of sibling dynamics and other needs or obstacles in family life.

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