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What stupid thing have you done to yourself in the name of beauty

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Anordinarymum · 30/09/2020 17:20

I will start the ball rolling

I tried bleaching my bum with Domestos. This was a very long time ago. I did it a few times until one day I got the most godawful stinging pain down there and had to stop.

Why you may ask ? I don't really know but it did seem like a good idea at the time :(

OP posts:
hippohector · 30/09/2020 17:30

When I was a teenager I used to pour lemon juice over my already blond hair in the summer so that the sun would bleach it lighter. I mean, why? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
I also went a bit too far one time when shaving and plucking my eyebrows... it was not a good look Grin

Anordinarymum · 30/09/2020 17:37

My sister shaved her eyebrows off so she could look like David Bowie, and she so did not

OP posts:
Seeleyboo · 30/09/2020 17:38

I have very pale skin and one year I was determined to get a tan. Off to Spain we went and I refused lotion and sat in the sun all day. The next day I woke with huge blisters all over my body as was taken to hospital. I still have scars.

SozBabes · 30/09/2020 17:53

Many moons ago when i didn't know any better, Veeted my face and ended up with chemical burn. I think waxing and threading the face are crazy painful.. so glad i shave, laser and pluck now.

ChaToilLeam · 30/09/2020 17:55

I tried a home Brazilian blow dry kit without trying a patch test first. I had a bad reaction to it, the skin came off my scalp in cornflake sized pieces and I still have dermatitis.

CloudsCanLookLikeSheep · 30/09/2020 17:58

I let someone tattoo pirate style eyebrows. Luckily was able to get them removed!

MrsSnitchnose · 30/09/2020 17:59

@Anordinarymum I tried hair removal cream on my bum. I'm a science tech and had to ask my boss what to use on chemical burns πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚

thevassal · 30/09/2020 18:19

OP...owwwww!!! Grin

immaced off my eyebrows - not even the far half either which would have been slightly less awful, but the halves nearer my nose, with the eyebrows starting again half way down my face Hmm

tried the lemon juice/hair like a previous pp

dyed my hands green (this was actually in pursuit of my friend's beauty, I was dying her hair for her and she said we didn't need to use the plastic gloves). Reader...those gloves are supplied for a reason

dyed my hair permanent pink by accident (thought it would be a dusky rose gold not BRIGHT pink) and had to go goth black (the only colour that would cover it) to be allowed back in school

Plus everything that was the pre-emo style of the early 2000s....I am short anyway so can't think why baggy jeans/cords wider than I am tall, etnies and a studded belt could ever have been considered a good look...luckily all my photos from that time are highly filtered with the 'myspace' flash and pre-selfie camera angle so you can't really tell what I'm wearing anyway Grin

BashfulClam · 30/09/2020 19:46

Overplucked my eyebrows the first time I tried it. The unfortunate part was I then got my first passport and that picture followed me for 10 years. Had a massive gap between my brows. Tried to wax my own bikini line and ended up with two massive black bruises.

Invisimamma · 30/09/2020 19:50

Cheap fake tan wipes, in the early 00s. I was a streaky orange blob for days πŸ˜‚.

Davros · 30/09/2020 19:52

All my friends in the 70s completely mullered their eyebrows. Being an awkward cow who wouldn't follow the herd, I never did. Ha!

Dozer · 30/09/2020 19:53

Chemical burn moustache from hair removal cream on upper lip, age 13. One of the few times mum let me stay off school!

Dozer · 30/09/2020 19:54

My friend often plucked her eyebrows into oblivion, and rain, sweat, make up would run straight into her eyes.

Freshfaced · 30/09/2020 19:55

Bought some dark one hour express fake tan. (I'm very fair). Fell asleep without washing it off as directed and woke up 8 hours later looking... remarkable. It then came off in patches so I was visibly piebald for about a week.

Bikinib0tt0m · 30/09/2020 19:57

Got rid of a sticky out mole by tying dental floss around the base as tight as I could until it went black and died. Blush I've also done other stuff Confused

RefuseTheLies · 30/09/2020 19:59

Had my eyebrows microbladed. Then had to have laser removal to get rid of them. They were so, so bad.

RosamundePilcher · 30/09/2020 19:59

When I was early teen and just started exploring beauty and makeup world, my aunt gifted me for Xmas lovely luxurious skincare set.

One evening I decided I'm going to try the face moisturiser and massage it on my face. Then went to bed, just noticed that it started burning a little and my eyes have been watery- didn't think much about that, though that it's probably working and fall asleep.
Woke up in the morning with burning pain all over my face, run to wash it off and my whole face was covered with a red patches.

Figured out, that the wee bottle wasn't face moisturiser, but a shower gel, that just looked pretty similar to the face cream.😳

stovetopespresso · 30/09/2020 20:00

eyebrows obv but when The Corrs were big my sis dyed her hair jet black, it went scary dark ribena coloured Grin

Badabingbadabum · 30/09/2020 20:01

I'm currently sporting a an angry red, very flaky face thanks to getting a bit over enthusiastic with retinol. I love being able to cover up with a face mask!

stovetopespresso · 30/09/2020 20:02

my other sister did the microblading thing whhhyyy

JellyBert · 30/09/2020 20:04

Teenager - went on the sunbed for the first ever time for 9 minutes. I have pale, freckly skin. I had sunstroke & it was horrendous.

Also badly sunburnt myself on holiday and ended up in bed for days!!

Do not bother with the sun now! Grin

Chicchicchicchiclana · 30/09/2020 20:05

I do think bleaching your bumhole with domestos is beyond the realms of imagination, even in Mumsnet folklore.


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NavyBerry · 30/09/2020 20:14

Sunbed for 19 min every day at the age of 15. Green contacts (I claimed that's my real colour πŸ™„), red henna on my lovely light ginger hair (again claimed it was my natural πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„), my make up skills were horrendous: the brighter the better. Oh dear hope my DD will be wiser

Nameandgamechange123 · 30/09/2020 20:16

-Pulled out ALL my eyelashes accidentally by using eyelash curlers that had been clogged up with mascara. I then had to do it to the other eye for symmetry. They took months to grow back

Mozartinmyfanjo · 30/09/2020 20:21

Cut eyelashes with scissors because l read somewhere they will grow back thicker and longer πŸ™„ the exact opposite happened.

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