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I have an interview tomorrow and I’m bricking it..

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TheGrayChapter · 30/09/2020 09:31

I have an interview for what would be a major jump up the career ladder and I am absolutely bricking it.

I’m all shakey and nervous! I know I have the skills to do the job and I have all the relevant knowledge I am just crap at interviews.

Today I’m running through possible questions and answers and trying to draw on my experience in my current role to come up with answers

Eek Any help or tips? Please?

OP posts:
mummmy2017 · 30/09/2020 09:42

They say in the first 5 seconds you get hired.
So smile , meet their eyes, head up and think positive.
Good luck.

Greentulips1 · 30/09/2020 09:47

Sending u a hug! I hate interviews too!

My tips:

  • Don't be scared to look nervous in an interview. Nerves show you care and are human. The interviewers likely are rooting for you to do well and not wanting you to fail.

  • Don't be scared to take a pause while you think about your answer

  • Don't worry if you need to ask the question to be repeated

  • Prepare by reading the job description back to front. Think about what would be the most challenging part of the job or most important part of the job in case you are asked. Also what relationships the job would require you to have e.g with stakeholders, other teams etc

  • don't rush!! Take your time. Don't put pressure on yourself to talk or answer quickly

  • turn everything into a positive. For example 'while working on X project we encountered problems. But i learned on future projects to take x, y, z actions so that this is avoided in future'

or if asked what your weakest area is: 'my weakest area is XYZ, however I ensure I spend extra time and work harder on this to understand it properly. By doing this, it meant that during my previous project I achieved x, y, z success'

  • be yourself! Have faith in yourself Smile
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