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Would you be angry if...

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User3405678 · 29/09/2020 20:57

You found out one of your parents had a form of cancer (had treatment and made a full recovery) a year ago and didn't tell you?

OP posts:
Hawkmoth · 29/09/2020 20:58

I'd feel sad that they didn't want me to support them but this is probably the kind of thing they would do tbh.

Paranoidmarvin · 29/09/2020 21:04

When people are shown something as scary as this they really react in different ways. I have known people to reach out for help and others to retreat into their own world and not want to worry anyone. Everyone reacts differently. I would try to be understanding, though I do understand why your upset.

I kept and keep my medical problems to myself. I could barely cope with stuff in my own head and didn’t have the strength some days to cope with other people’s emotions.

BlueDream · 29/09/2020 21:08

No. Was in the other position and didn't tell my parents.

WeirdlyOdd · 29/09/2020 21:09

I know a lot of older parents who have kept serious diagnoses from their adult children. It seems to be quite common, even in very close families.

People just do what they need to, to get themselves through it, I guess.Try not to take it personally.

Smellbellina · 29/09/2020 21:10

I’d be upset but not angry

Timeforabiscuit · 29/09/2020 21:18

I couldn't be angry, sad that they went through all of it.

I couldn't say how I'd react if given that kind of news, I suppose how can you judge unless you've been there?

grafittiartist · 29/09/2020 21:20

DM did this.
Didn't want to upset us! She's like that.

User3405678 · 29/09/2020 21:21

It's not me it's my cousin.
She just found out exactly this with her dad, he was fine, I mean obviously poorly but for the best part still went to work and his treatment went smoothly. He didn't tell anyone as he didn't want them worrying about him.
She's furious that she didn't know at the time and tbh not even in a concerned for her fathers wellbeing way. She has form of being very self entitled, and she seems to see it as it was her right to know.
Personally I think she's being ridiculous and should be happy her dad is now in good health but I didn't know if I was being a bit mean given I've never been in that position myself.

OP posts:
WhatHaveIFound · 29/09/2020 21:22

I'd be upset I think but not angry.

For me it would seem more normal to keep those kind of secrets from elderly parents. I wouldn't want to worry my parents if I was undergoing treatment. They have enough problems of their own.

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