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Halloween Ideas

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TrueTrianfle · 29/09/2020 19:39

DS will be 8 on Halloween and we are in a local lock down area. He had asked for a Halloween themed party which can't go ahead. I am trying to find ways of still making the day special. So far I have thought of sparklers in the garden, Spooky themed picnic tea and party games. It won't take up a whole day though. Does anyone please have any other ideas they would be happy to share?

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ExplodingCarrots · 29/09/2020 19:43

Our Halloween plans have gone to pot too. Still having a mini party for us though.
I've seen on Facebook the idea of a pumpkin trail. So you go for a walk and see how many pumpkins you can find at houses. The poster I saw encouraged people to put out pumpkins so the kids can do this.

Fivemoreminutes1 · 29/09/2020 19:44

Pumpkin carving
Spooky film

treebarking · 29/09/2020 20:13

Day in costume obviously!
Pumpkin carving
Spooky film
Halloween games - pin the something on the skeleton / vampire etc, themed cup pong - Pinterest has loads of ideas.
Apple bobbing
Halloween quiz / bingo
Scavenger hunt in the dark round the house with a torch and some coloured lamps on
Special tea - all the favourites

My son loves Halloween so we are having a Halloween home party day!

TrueTrianfle · 29/09/2020 20:36

I like the idea of a scavenger hunt in the dark maybe to find one of his Birthday presents? Thank you.

Does anyone know any good Halloween films that an 8 year and a 4 year old could both enjoy?

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Stompythedinosaur · 29/09/2020 20:42

Hotel Transylvania would suit both ages. It is mkre funny than scary.

We are hoping to do a spooky walk in the woods after dark, and a sweet hunt in a dark house with torches.

FatGirlShrinking · 29/09/2020 20:44

6 yo DD loves Halloween too. Are plans currently are

  • trick or treat treasure hunt around the house/garden weather dependant. There will be things like jelly and grapes (eyeballs) in a tub that she has to dig through to find a treat, same with cooked spaghetti (worms).
  • dance party with me and DH which should be an embarrassment of bad dancing and karaoke level of singing along
  • spooky themed buffet tea, devilled eggs, skull shaped cookies, ghost shaped sandwiches and so on
  • pumpkin carving, we will then put the pumpkins out on the front with lollies stuck in them like an old fashioned pineapple & cheese hedgehog. We're going to string up packets of haribo on the tree and hedges too. Idea being we don't really want trick or treaters this year but do want to give any kids doing it some sweets so this way we meet both and DD will think it's fun.

Finishing off with an age appropriate scary movie in Halloween pjs with popcorn.
BertieDrapper · 29/09/2020 21:02

Hocus pocus

If you have Disney + there's a film called Halloweentown

We will be doing a garden trail, kind of like a Halloween Easter egg hunt 🤔

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