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Parents of reception age children

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Bergerdog · 29/09/2020 15:36

How much do your children say another child has been mean/hit them?

Mine seems to say it most days and I’m wondering if it’s normal children being children or if I should be asking the school what’s going on Blush

Today’s incident was apparently my child being hit in the head but no injuries! Teacher never mentions it, but the child does when we get home. He does not seem particularly upset though!

OP posts:
StitchInTimeSavesNine · 29/09/2020 16:05

I've been in schools (I do supply) where the children hurting one another seems to be a constant. Honestly, you wouldn't believe it. Nor would you be able to tell from the outside that it's happening.

In other classrooms, a full investigation will be launched if someone bumped into another child on the way to assembly.

It also has to be said that some dc do perceive that they are being hurt by others when they aren't at all. People falling over them when they are playing or banging the back of their chair onto the back of the other chair when they are getting up,

Bergerdog · 29/09/2020 16:13

Thank you for your reply @StitchInTimeSavesNine.

Its hard to know if he’s telling the truth or whether his perception is off. He has said he’s been hit in the head by a naughty boy on multiple occasions but can not tell me why or what happened afterwards.
He’s also claimed things like the boy has told him to go away and also that the boy is very naughty that type of thing.

I don’t know when to contact school or if I should just leave it and see what happens Blush

I don’t remember anything like this at nursery !

OP posts:
Themostwonderfultimeoftheyear · 29/09/2020 16:15

DS hasn't mentioned anything like that once. I would definitely be raising it with the school.

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