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Have I missed an opportunity?

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MutteringDarkly · 29/09/2020 14:47

There was A Strange Man sitting on my front wall, most likely half an hour too early for the local school pick up. Fearing for the structural integrity of the wall (and being horribly inwardly territorial) I went outside and smiled and asked him nicely to move because the wall isn't very strong. He did, and apologised.

I feel like I've missed an opportunity to agonise for hours about this without talking to him / send an outraged message to the school / put a photo of his back view all over the internet / post about this in emotional terms on Nextdoor ap.

What opportunities for drama have you missed out on?

OP posts:
Nosnogginginthekitchen · 29/09/2020 15:01

I utterly failed to lambast my STBX across all of social media, denigrate him to his family and post endless Vaguebook updates of how "I'm feelin so sad today".
Just think of all the "whats the matter hun?" messages I missed out on...

MutteringDarkly · 29/09/2020 17:22

Damn it, think of the keyboard hammering you missed!

OP posts:
anuffername · 29/09/2020 17:23

Well done OP Grin

We had relatives stay overnight last week. It was good fun but I struggled a bit with understanding as I am not totally fluent in their language (it's OH's first language). I was a bit miffed that he didn't help me out a couple of times when I was struggling to find the right word.

Once they went off to bed OH asked me if I was upset about something. Instead of saying "no, I'm fine" and silently seething and making a MN thread about what a slfish twat he was, I explained that I just felt that it would have been nice to help me out and to appreciate that it is difficult when several people are speaking at once and I can't keep up.

There was no gaslighting, silent treatment or sulking. He just gave me a hug and said "sorry I wasn't thinking - I won't do it again"

Breakfast was a much happier affair!

anuffername · 29/09/2020 17:24


(no wonder I struggle in another language!)

DizzyPigeon · 29/09/2020 17:29

You should have posted this thread in AIBU, and you would have been met with a resounding YABU. You have deprived us all of an angst-ridden thread with your sensible course of action.

How very dare you!


MutteringDarkly · 29/09/2020 17:33

Crikey I haven't got the cojones forAIBU Grin

OP posts:
MsEllany · 29/09/2020 18:54

Honestly next door’s dog barked today. I was livid. Ok I wasn’t really.

Then A Man knocked on the door. I answered it but not before alerting husband that A Man was at the door.

There was also Another Man in the street taking photos. Probably of the subsidence down the other end but still. Two Men in one day!

MutteringDarkly · 29/09/2020 20:28

@MsEllany I should think you needed to fan yourself and have a lie down!

OP posts:
MamaOdie · 29/09/2020 20:50

I popped round to see my mum today. And didn’t post loads of updates and photos on social media to show the world what a great, caring daughter I was (unlike certain other siblings of mine)
Think of all the opportunities I’ve missed to get literally tens of likes! 😂

Thanks OP, needed to get that out today!

Saz12 · 29/09/2020 21:07

DH is working from home. He has moved to the kitchen table this week “for a change of scenery”.
I can hear him humming “omm-pomm-pommttyy-pimmm” whenever he looks for the right bit of paper. I asked him to stop or push off back to the office as he was driving me nuts.
He did.
The end.

sar302 · 29/09/2020 21:09

One of the "school run mums" blocked part of my driveway today. I saw her as I was heading out to get something from the car. She asked if I needed to get out, I said no, but asked that she parked with more care in the future. She apologised and I went back into the house.

I should have written an angry note to leave on her windscreen, as well as taking a picture of her car and posting it on the local Facebook page. I could probably have also complained to the school and asked them to send out a memo to all parents about considerate parking. I should definitely have called the police, as I believe it's illegal to block a dropped curb. Then I should have sent out an angry WhatsApp group message to my friends about the bloody cheek of this woman!

MutteringDarkly · 29/09/2020 21:25

@MamaOdie it's almost like you just went to see your mum without needing an audience Grin

@saz12 what, and avoid hours of teeth-grinding resentment in favour of just suggesting a solution? Interesting!

@sar302 it's like you don't even want to get into the school newsletter Wink

OP posts:
HMSSophie · 29/09/2020 21:37

I asked a loose acquaintance, by means of a note, for a small favour. They politely said no, in a note to meI was upset, and felt strangely ashamed for asking for half a day. Then I thought about it from their perspective and realised that I had also put them in an awkward position, in having to tell me "no, sorry". I saw them today and apologised for having done that, and that I realised it may have felt awkward for them. They looked relieved. We chatted for a while about other stuff. Then we said goodbye with lots of smiling and got on with our lives.

sar302 · 29/09/2020 21:39

@MutteringDarkly I know, right? I should really be laying the way for DS's entry in two years time. Let them know who I am in advance.

I also forgot the most obvious thing I should have done - a CF parking thread on Mumsnet, complete with diagram.

PopcornPeacock · 29/09/2020 21:47

My Hermes man delivered a parcel to me today.

He knocked on the door, and then moved 10 ft away to wait for me to open said door, to make sure I was in and that I picked up my parcel and took it safely into the house.

He also waved, asked if I was ok and said take care.

Whhhyyy, just WHHYYYY couldn't he have just hurled it over the gate, or, ORR put it into the bin due to be emptied tomorrow, and then not told me or left me a card so that I wouldn't find out until it was too late!

I can't whinge, be outraged, whip up missives to my local councillors, or stomp my feet. ....not fair!!!!

PS - DHL DID hurl a parcel over the 6ft gate the other week and it landed with a clang on my motorbike parked just the other side. It went with a right clang, but luckily no bike parts were harmed during the collision of said hurling.
I was in the house at the time. He did not knock or leave a note. I was not impressed and darn well told him too.

MutteringDarkly · 29/09/2020 21:53

@HMSSophie with that level of skill, the UN will be calling. Are you open to a career in conflict resolution?

@PopcornPeacock all this talk of couriers has reminded me I need to send a thank you to our local one. He left a small parcel on the doorstep today, but then rang the bell and waited to let me know
I'd left the keys in the outside of the front door. I know they're on very tight timings for each drop so that was kind of him.

OP posts:
Eastie77 · 29/09/2020 21:55

OP really can't believe you also missed an opportunity to log the incident of the Strange Man with 101Shock

I asked my dad to babysit DD last week and he couldn't. I should have opened a thread asking if I should go NC due to his selfishness and the fact he is clearly a narcissist.

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