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Cramp relief?

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purplefur717 · 28/09/2020 22:11

My husband suffers terrible from cramp. Has anyone got any home readies or types in how to relieve it? And also what causes it? I'm too scared to ask Dr Google.

Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

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purplefur717 · 28/09/2020 22:12

tips not types. Fat thumbs

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Kakiweewee · 28/09/2020 22:20

They can be caused by medical issues, so my first point of order in that case would be to see a GP and just get it checked there's no underlying issues.

I get nerve triggered cramps, and also had some mineral deficiencies which they found during a blood test, I improved with diet and supplements.

It can be caused by overuse of muscles, or holding a position too long, or poor blood flow to an area. So I'd say some good stretches and adequate resting if there's particular areas affected and they do a lot of exercise that affects that area.

Nerve triggered cramps in my sleep were caused by poor position, so I changed mattress and use extra pillows to keep my body in a position with as little tension on my joints and spine as possible.

purplefur717 · 28/09/2020 22:26

He's a terrible sloucher so makes sense. I will get him to make an appointment though just in case.

Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

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