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Adult MMR

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Octoberfish · 28/09/2020 16:36

My parents were anti vaxers (don't ask).

When I was at uni I got myself immunised against German measles but for some reason it didn't occur to me to ask for the MMR.

My medical records show that I had measles aged 4, but it was diagnosed by a family GP without any actual tests being carried out and I suspect it may have been a viral infection. Certainly no fuss was made about it (in the 80s).

Would my GP immunise me as an adult with the MMR? Is it worth asking?

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FippertyGibbett · 28/09/2020 16:37


FippertyGibbett · 28/09/2020 16:38

Also get everything else like tetanus done.

Octoberfish · 28/09/2020 16:41


Also get everything else like tetanus done.

I had tetanus, polio etc, so as far as I'm aware it's only the MMR I missed out on.
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Octoberfish · 28/09/2020 16:42

As in I had the jabs, not the illnesses!

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alljustamoopoint · 28/09/2020 16:42

How old are you?

WankPuffins · 28/09/2020 16:42

Yes they will.

When I had Dd 7 years ago they still tested for rubella immunity, I wasn’t immune so they offered me the MMR after the birth.

Octoberfish · 28/09/2020 16:43

I'm 40.

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TakeMeToYourLiar · 28/09/2020 16:43

I had MMR at 22 as at travel vaccine clinic they noticed I hadn't had it

So it is possible yes

FippertyGibbett · 28/09/2020 16:45

You didn’t miss out on the MMR as you wouldn’t have been offered it as a child.
I haven’t had it either.

Octoberfish · 28/09/2020 16:46


You didn’t miss out on the MMR as you wouldn’t have been offered it as a child.
I haven’t had it either.

True but they did offer a measles vaccine and a mumps vaccine which my parents declined. Ditto the rubella jab at age 11.
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alljustamoopoint · 28/09/2020 16:48

OK, well if you’re 40 you won’t have had the MMR as standard anyway. Your parents might have missed out on giving you some of the standard vaccinations around at the time but the MMR wasn’t standard until 1988/89. Don’t you remember the rubella injection at school when you were about year 9?

It’s good you have protection against that for pregnancy. I would probably not worry too much to be honest, but if it will out your mind at rest there is no reason why not.

jackparlabane · 28/09/2020 16:52

Yes, GP's nurses will do it (possibly after some phoning around). I got it done when ds was a baby but I had multiple HCPs tell me I didn't need to worry about the local measles outbreaks as I was breastfeeding. Even after I pointed out that I'd never had the jabs nor measles or mumps.

GP emailed me and said yes, come get jabbed. Very glad I did as there was a case of measles at ds's nursery when I was pregnant with dc2.

Octoberfish · 28/09/2020 16:54

Rubella was offered in Y6 but my parents declined it.

I did have the TB jab in Y9.

I'm not worried about pregnancies as I'm all done with that! But I have heard that measles is on the rise (and mumps) and would like to do my but.

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Octoberfish · 28/09/2020 16:55

My bit! Not my butt...

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10outof10 · 28/09/2020 17:21

Yes absolutely. Everyone should be offered 2 MMR vaccinations if nil previously documented given 1 month apart. Single vaccines don't count.

captainprincess · 28/09/2020 17:22

Yes, I had mine done last year. It because my parents didn't do it but because the course was never finished, my mum has no idea why!

dementedpixie · 28/09/2020 17:24
Liverbird77 · 28/09/2020 17:26

I'm 43 and I am having mine done in the next few weeks. My parents didn't let me have whatever the vaccines were for MMR at the time.

Blughbablugh · 28/09/2020 17:28

I had mine last year ( have anti vaxer patents as well). I had to have two lots, the first lot and then the booster. I did get a measles type rash a few weeks after but was told that is normal. I'm 37

Octoberfish · 28/09/2020 17:33

If I've already had the rubella jab, will they still give me the MMR or will I need to get separate M and M jabs?

Thanks all for your help.

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dementedpixie · 28/09/2020 17:35

You cant get separate mumps jabs anyway so it would need to be MMR

10outof10 · 28/09/2020 17:36

You need 2 MMR vaccines. They don't count single measles etc injections

Octoberfish · 28/09/2020 18:02

Thank you. I will email the surgery tomorrow.

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