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TikTok and children

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AriesTheRam · 28/09/2020 14:27

What fresh hell is this?
Don't know much about it as ds is too young but at the school I work at today I had 10 yr old girls attempting to do the dance routine from WAP (cardi b's explicit song) that they had seen on TikTok.Can anyone see adult music videos/dances on there and should I be appalled or aibu and its a sign of the times/just music ?

OP posts:
BF2748 · 28/09/2020 20:13

No YANBU I had my niece tell me about this dance she had seen on TikTok she began to show me and I was mortified as I knew exactly the song. She learnt this at her friends home as she’s not allowed TikTok, this friend has only just turned 10 and the other friend who knew it was 9. I told her she’s not allowed to listen or dance like that she’s too young and she said her friends mum said they can but not to sing the lyrics Confused

In answer to your question though the kids on the app are exposed to all of the content, some of it extremely graphic. I know my nieces school sent a text out regarding a video that appears normal and mid way shows somebody committing suicide. It’s hard to manage what they’re exposed to, my niece in her friendship group is the only one without TikTok but still sees content she shouldn’t when they’re together. The problem I had with the app is even some of the dances that are age appropriate are often linked with music that isn’t.

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