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Friend is in icu with her son.

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helprequiired · 28/09/2020 14:22

What can I do? Feel useless. Don't know whether to check in or anything.

Any advice is really helpful thank you

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HoneysuckIejasmine · 28/09/2020 14:24

Can you get to her house, collect some clothes if she's staying in, make a meal if she's coming home?

helprequiired · 28/09/2020 14:48

She won't be coming home for a good while

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SnuggyBuggy · 28/09/2020 14:52

As PP said could you find out if she needs anything and try to get it to her

VeggieSausageRoll · 28/09/2020 14:54

Assuming she doesn't have anyone else already providing practical help...

Take her a change of clothes, collect the dirty stuff for washing.
Deliver snacks (you can easily end up spending a fortune in hospitals if you're there any length of time)
Make sure she has a toiletry bag for when she can grab a shower (assuming she's there a while)
Anything that she needs help with at home? Dog sitting, feeding the cat, watering the plants? Even just a quick tidy round, wash the dishes left in the sink, make the beds and push the Hoover round so it's tidy for when she gets home.

Less practical help. Be there for her, let her talk, listen, support her emotionally.

Don't forget to ask her as well. There may be something she needs help with but doesn't want to ask.

elenacampana · 28/09/2020 14:55

Speaking from experience - let her know you’re there for her, ask if you can do anything practical. Let her know you will message her sometimes but she doesn’t have to respond. Show your support and act on any requests she sends your way.

Sometimes the only thing we can do is nothing but let the person know we care.

helprequiired · 28/09/2020 17:29

I've offered my help. When we next chat I'll say that I don't expect her to reply if she doesn't want to etc.

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