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Am I broody or just saying goodbye to babies?

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Ebonyrose1 · 28/09/2020 13:48

I've got a five year old daughter and a son who's 3 in December. My son's still in nappies and the buggy still comes out with us. But other than than that we are out the baby stage. No more cots, bottles, weaning etc. We always wanted two. I feel like we are slowly getting towards a less chaotic stage of life. But lately I've been thinking maybe just one more. I told my partner and he said if he had more money he would be up for it. I think it's because overtime this year hasnt happened. We are having to tighten our belts.

Anyway I feel so confused. Is this me just realising the baby part is gone and I'm 31 now. Or is this me realising id like to do it one last time.

Reasons to have one.
I'd love a big family.
Kids would all have eachother to play with and grow up with.
We will get to experience the journey again and do all the things again.
I like the idea of a bigger family due to my own parents etc not being very involved. I sometimes feel my kids don't have many people to bond with.

Reasons I don't want anymore.
My periods have been awful since my second baby. I get anemic alot. Therefore I'm quite tired.

I always struggle in the first few months of pregnancy. I get quite miserable and sick. But my mood rises around 14 weeks.

How do you know??

OP posts:
Babdoc · 29/09/2020 09:40

Well, it’s not just a personal decision, OP. Having a third child is the single worst thing you could do for a planet which is already struggling with 7 billion people, severe climate change, and loss of habitat. To give even our current world population an average western lifestyle would require the natural resources of two and a half planet Earths.
Every extra child you inflict on the world adds over 50 tons of carbon equivalent emissions per year of its life. You already have two - surely that is enough?

Whatsnewpussyhat · 29/09/2020 09:47

You're only 31 so not like you need to decide right now.

My youngest is almost 3. This time the baby stuff left the house for good as outgrown. It's bittersweet. More because I know that the baby stage part of my life has gone, not because I want another one.

Not all kids play together or even like each other as adults so it's about your feelings not the child.

Redcrayons · 29/09/2020 09:53

I definitely knew I was done at 2.
But it’s a bittersweet moment when you let go of the idea of any more. I shed a few tears when we finally retired the pram, even though I’d come to hate the bloody thing.

ElleEfarr · 29/09/2020 09:55

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