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TMI about discharge

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Soubriquet · 28/09/2020 13:29

Posted in health but got no answer

For the last few weeks, my discharge has been heavier than usual.

It’s a wetness like a turn on wetness not normal discharge stuff

It also smells strong. Not bad, just like my normal smell 100 times stronger.

I’m constantly feeling wet and it’s really frustrating.

Any ideas?

OP posts:
MrMeeseekscando · 28/09/2020 14:19

Order Balance activ pesseries.
They are amazing!

Soubriquet · 28/09/2020 14:24

I thought BV smelt bad?

OP posts:
MrMeeseekscando · 28/09/2020 14:32

It's not always bad bad.
I get it due to a copper coil and sometimes after a lot of sex
I searched a lot of threads on here, read as many Amazon reviews etc as I could be bothered with, decided that was probably it and tried them! It cleared up.
I was just out of kilter.
I use one or two after my period now every month and it keeps things ticking along for me

MrMeeseekscando · 28/09/2020 14:34

I should add my symptoms were identical to yours.
Annoyingly wet and a stronger but not awful scent.
Especially after sex for me though.

Soubriquet · 28/09/2020 14:36

Sounds like it then.

Thank you I’ll order a pessary

OP posts:
MrMeeseekscando · 28/09/2020 14:38

Definitely have a good look at the Amazon reviews, someladies use supplements to keep things in order if it's reoccurring

Soubriquet · 30/09/2020 02:01

Ok, so I got the stuff, put some in last night...and all of a sudden it was like a flood down there.

I’ve had to put a pad in because my underwear was getting soaked in minutes

Is this normal?

OP posts:
MrMeeseekscando · 30/09/2020 09:08

I normally wear a pad. The gel tends to make a bit of a mess, the pesseries stay put more but still require a liner.
It seems like it all comes out again, but honestly it does work.
First time I did the 7 day course, now just a top up every now and again

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