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Any dentists/dental assistants on?

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BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 27/09/2020 12:32

I am booking ds (5) into the dentist next week but it would be good to see if this is normal/worrisome before we go.

He lost his two front bottom milk teeth within a few days of each other a fortnight ago. We could see the second set poking through within a couple of days.

On closer inspection, I can see that they are not aligned with one another let alone the rest of his teeth (All milk teeth).

One of them looks quite set back from the other. Is this fixable? Or will it settle itself?

dh Had a handful of teeth removed for overcrowding when he was a kid, and then refused a brace so sadly (for him, I don't care!) his bottom teeth look like a busted zipper.

I'm assuming this is a genetic link and want to get this right for ds as I know DH is incredibly conscious of his bottom teeth.

Any help on what best steps may be?

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Widdendream77 · 27/09/2020 12:41

Totally in the range of normal, it’s a wait and watch thing, the tongue will usually push the teeth forward over months and years and they gain a bit of sideways room with loss of other baby teeth further back. Your ds has lots more growing to do and you and your dentist won’t get a clear idea if braces will be needed until much much later- years! Yes crowding can be more likely if parents had it but it doesn’t necessarily follow so don’t panic!

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 27/09/2020 12:50

Oh that's reassuring. Didn't know that the tongue would help too. I did say to dh it would be handy if the two mill teeth either side fell out next so there was space.

Dc1 had none of this - everything just grew in neatly.

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Blondebear123 · 27/09/2020 13:07

This is normal. Your child is fine. Dentist will probably give you advice over phone about this as opposed to u coming into surgery

toomanyplants · 27/09/2020 13:15

Think about it this way (this is how explain it to parents with concerns)
Your little one has new teeth erupting, they will pop up wherever they see the space.
Now these teeth are the same size that they will be at age 30, yet imagine how much bigger the jaw has to grow.
This is why sometimes the new teeth can look enormous, and you think they'll never fit!!
Give it time, no need to be concerned just yet, regular dental visits over the years will keep the progress monitored.
May be difficult to get into clinic at the moment, but this situation won't last forever.

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